Okay, so I ran out of prescheduled posts while I was away and haven’t made it back to scheduling any. It takes a few hours to set them up for a couple of weeks, depending on what they are. I have some new photos though, so going to set some of those up – maybe tomorrow.

I am going to completely mesh up all my different projects in this blog. Sorry. That’s the way it goes, sometimes. If you don’t care then skip this one. No offense taken.

Recently did a fast tutorial on Blogger about how to make flaming objects. Though I did it in Paint Shop Pro I left it pretty loose so it should work with other image programs, too.

As I said, I have some new photos. I have some fourth of July (we got to go see fireworks after all! yay!) and some other random ones to edit and upload still. Plus I have been getting some very, very cool photos from Steve Evans who has been kind enough to let me play with them. I am going to ask him permission to put them up because they are too cool.

I’m working on my book cover for Ties of Blood (the third in my vampire series). I *think* the front cover is done (go here to see it – scroll all the way down because the second one is the one you want) but I am waiting until I get my blurb written to finish the wrap around. I have a basic one going that I will probably put up on my author blog in the next couple of days for feedback.

Concerning the books, I really want to get to work on the next one soon and try to get it out much faster than this one. The third book doesn’t have as much action in it (sadly) but book 4 is going to be chock full, so I figure if I can get it out fairly fast it might make up for it. We’ll see how that goes, though. I also want to get back to my short stories. Herrick is tired of sitting at the laundromat waiting for something to happen.

Been catching up on book covers. Interesting fact: you can find loads of porn if you search for “high heel” on Flickr. Seriously. I am looking for a high heeled shoe picture with a CC license and have come across more naked women… Okay,  not just naked women… naked people, and many don’t even have high heels on! *tsk*tsk* now that’s just bad image tagging. 😉

We’ve been watching Criss Angel lately via Netflix.  (Random comment – he’s pretty hot in the 2005 and 2006 seasons – that’s as far as we’ve made it) I drive people crazy because I spend every episode trying to figure out how it works. If I were watching it alone there are many places I would rewind and watch slower, but hubby won’t go for it and I don’t have time to go back and do it myself later. I can come up with theories on many of them, but the putting things through glass (and table tops!) I have nothing for. Same with his levitation. I mean it has to be some kind of wires, obviously, but how he’s managing it, I don’t know.  As Jonathan said, “can’t you just let it be magic?” The answer is no, no I can’t :p I like to know HOW they do it. I used to love those “magician secrets revealed” shows on Fox. Anyone else remember those?

Also been listening to The Rascals (not the 80’s ones, but the newer ones) and Arctic Monkeys.  Their lead singers are the two halves of Last Shadow Puppets, but alas The Rascals have broken up. Figures as I like them just a pinch more than the Arctic Monkeys, as a youtube commenter said, they’re a bit more aggressive, musically speaking. Why is it everything I like gets broken up, canceled or discontinued? I never like the popular thing. If you lined up six things (movies, tv, music, you name it) and said “Pick your favorite”, I would pick the one that everyone else voted their least favorite. That’s why I started writing, because everyone else was writing the popular books and I like the unpopular stuff! Ha ha! Anyway, there’s no digital download of them on Amazon, so I am gonna have to save up the 25$ and get the CD. Until then it’s youtube lists 😉

This is pretty boring. It’s 7:30 AM and I need to go to bed, anyway. I can bore people tomorrow 😉

I leave you with this random image from our local Kum N Go. See if you can spot what is wrong with this picture:

if i had a mexican calling card I couldn't call my family

HINT: A special promotion to call your family – in mexico!?!?! Um… Yeah.


Fav songs of the moment – Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys & Bond Girl – The Rascals


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6 responses to “yeah…”

  1. sue says :

    yeah you bored me – NOT – a 4 book?? where do you find the inspiration – I can help with blurbs – feel like an expert – and let me know about the ones I sent – please – went to the beach – got some writing done – and reading a book – more on that later – I have to get to bed I’m babblling – take a look at my SSS – not devil – the chapter I am writing will take til christmas feels like
    babble babblel

  2. julihoffman says :

    Yay! There’s going to be a book 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy for you.

    I’ve noticed there are LOTS of people who don’t know how to tag their images, posts, etc. You never know what you’ll find! Don’t try looking up images of men with long hair either. I wanted to find an image that I could refer to when I was writing a discription for a character of mine. I found a lot of disturbing things/people and some of the images were of bald WOMEN. Very strange!

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Wow, the bald women is a weird one! I think sometimes people put tags on them trying to get views…. or else they use the bulk uploader (i have done that one, myself 😉 )

  3. moonvapors says :

    I know. I’m not a bigot, but I’m beginning to feel like I live in little Mexico

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      I remember when Spanish first started popping up on stuff and it seemed so “cool” and “international” – now sometimes it’s hard to find the English….

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