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New Photos: Ducky Pond

These are from June at Dunnigan Park (again). Yeah, I like the ducky pond ūüėČ

duck with a broken bill

Duck with a broken beak. Do you think he has a lisp? “Afwak! Afwak” – hahahahahahahahahaha!

beady eyed stare

Beady eye

grainy chain


punk rock goose

This goose just looks like an Emo rocker

feather close

A discarded feather

Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed

Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed, thrice and once the hedgepig whined….


Feathers on the water

snowflake really lit up

This is the snowflake REALLY lit up. You might remember I tried to manip a daylight picture of this with this result –

discarded feather

Last feather shot

There’s more on my Flickr, as usual. ¬†i think if I posted them all on here people would revolt. There would be riots. Okay, there would be a tiny, five person revolt. But hey, you’d be surprised what five people can do!

Song playing at the moment – “Does Your¬†Husband¬†Know that You;re on the Run” – The Rascals

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