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My photo….

is on Yeah, seriously. Check out the blog on – heck, here’s a link:

Okay, so it’s not my books, but heck, this is a step in the right direction, right?

Just thought that was so cool!

Now I am going to bed because my eyes are peeled grapes.

song playing at the moment – Sympathy – The Rascals

Cemetery in Jefferson, Iowa


I didn’t end up with much, but the mausoleum makes up for it!

awesome mosoleum

No, not this one

neat doors

Though it IS cool!


This is just kinda cute

marble texture



I love these old tree/wood ones!


children – I have a weird obsession with kid tombstones

Gracie & berenice

A couple more

the most awesome mosoleum ever

This is the one I meant

door detail

Even the door is awesome

look at that stone wrok

Look at that stone work!


edited 😉

Yeeeeaaaah! I want a tomb like that! 😀

Song playing at the moment – “I’ll Give You Sympathy” – The Rascals

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