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Blogging “rules” say that a blogger should not post rambling “update” blogs. I’m doing yet another one. I figure it’s all right since I’ve already broken the “do not snap at clients” rule today. I’m usually pretty easy going and take things in stride, but every once in awhile someone just gets under my skin at the right angle.  The author was upset and had a miniature meltdown because I used a “cheap” font (I made the mistake of saying it was cheap *gasp*). Take a look at font prices. They’re $30 plus. If they’d bothered to read my FAQ page – which I send to everyone – they’d have seen that. I plainly have the information listed. I bought a huge font pack for 30$.  If I got more than one font for that price there’s a reason for it. Just like there’s a reason you’re getting away with only paying me $30. Duh. I had initially planned to tell her not to worry about paying me anything and let’s just call it a lucky draw, but then  she sent me a very rude”critique” in an  about how working with me was “exasperating”.  I don’t doubt she was angry that I gave her an honest critique of her cover (the colors did not match and the images did not convey the feeling she wanted)  I probably shouldn’t have but I thought someone should. I admit, I could have spent longer phrasing it better, but there has been a many day battle and I am just drained from it all. I’ve set her emails to be automatically deleted to keep me from being tempted to reply to anything else. I don’t have time for it and karmatically speaking it’s not good for the soul, anyway.

To be honest, 99% of the people I work with are fantastic, and some have even become “email buddies”. There’s just the one every blue moon. Okay, I think she makes two in like two years, LOL so there’s one a year 😉  But I am wandering from the point.

Oh wait, there is no point.

It’s been one of those weeks. My computer monitor blew up – literally. Big “pop”, flash of light and smoke. Been using the TV as a replacement but the colors are terrible so I have to dash next door if I want to see what anything looks like. The playstation has developed the yellow light of death (google it)   My brother lost his drivers license for six months because of the latest seizure, and he got basically fired from his job because of it. My laptop is definitely dead; it’s the hard drive so it won’t start past the opening screen that tells me it’s the hard drive. Then we got news yesterday that my Uncle Mike died.  We’re heading to Nebraska Wednesday so I’ll be gone through Sunday. Of course since Chris lost his license that means Chucky will have to drive. I had a doctors appointment for later this week that we had to move and it’s probably a good thing. At the rate it’s going they’d have diagnosed me with Lymphoma.

But upwards and onwards.

Mom is handling Uncle Mike’s death pretty well considering he was the youngest brother. As of right now no one knows what happened, but I imagine they’ll do an autopsy. It’s a shame because we never got to spend a lot of time with him. When I was growing up he lived in New Mexico.  He came back to Iowa here and there in brief spurts and then would go back to New Mexico again. it was only after I was a teenager that he moved back to stay and by then I was “too busy” and shortly afterwards I moved down here. That’s not to say I don’t have memories of him, but I didn’t really know HIM, if you know what I mean? Eh well.

Anyway, that’s where I am going to be.  Since it’s over 100 and we don’t have air int he car we’ll be traveling at night, so I doubt I’ll bring back many photos. AT least it will be one less thing I need to do when I get back, LOL!

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