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To Nebraska II


So, I had more photos than I thought…

weathered house

weathered house

neat tree

just a nice tree

creepy halloween tree

Creepy Halloween tree! (think this might be in Braddyville, IA, but not sure)

we get it

They really want you to know that that road is closed!

59er motel

Shenandoah Iowa

old schoolhouse 2

Outside of Shen



odd building

I think this is cool. Hubby says it’s boring.



big tree B & W

very cool tree

bluffs 2


bluffs 8

See how moist the air is!?! God, I wish it was like that here in Missouri!

bluffs 6

Love the bluffs – they are not so fun to climb, though. Yes, I know from personal experience.

Okay, I guess it’s gonna take one more blog… yeesh! I am really envious of people who can whittle it down to posting one photo a day.

song playing at the moment – Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys

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