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Lost in Trenton, Missouri


Part of what made the trip to Nebraska longer than t should have been was a detour to Trenton. Because of flooding we had to take 13 all the way to Maryville,  which is in Northern Missouri. That’s the way my Dad and I used to take when I would go visit him, so for some reason my hubby thought that meant I *knew* where to go. Heh. So, we get to Trenton. I’ve been navigating by what “looks” familiar, and this town looks familiar – in fact I have photos of the courthouse from previous trips – until we get to a giant flag pole in the middle of the street! I know I’ve never seen that before, so we turn around and go back. I spot a Casey’s and recognize the street it’s on, but after we pass it things start to look unfamiliar again. It was like some kind of a twilight zone episode because I KNEW I’d been there before several times, but google maps said that we were MILES off course!

trenton abstract and title

Trenton Abstract & Title

cool building

Cool Building

trenton MO

A little dark, but it’s a neat building, too


cool doorway

gues 2

Okay, I give up. Tell me.

awesome house

smeggin’ awesome house



cool wall

two doors

side street

side street

plaza apartments 2

Plaza Apartments

plaza apartments

Plaza Apartments 2



trenton hardware - lol

Trenton Hardware – since? Until ? If we don’t have it, you don’t need it! (the sign killed me!)


We saw this building several times.

And then, after we backtracked and found where we were supposed to be it all became clear. We’d missed the “Gallatin” turn – this is a turn in the middle of nowhere, whose only landmark is a set of grain bins.

grainery sunrise

The grain bins in question

So, why did Trenton look familiar? because Dad and I almost ALWAYS miss the turn, go to Trenton, stop at Caseys, then TURN AROUND and go back. Ha! So I was right; I had been there several times before. No wonder nothing looked familiar after Caseys!

The fun of the road trip.

song playing at the moment – Hurricane – 30 seconds to Mars

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