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What’s the Big Deal with Superpoke Pets?

Superpoke Pets may be gone but Habi Makeover let’s us decorate and play with our pets

Look here to see our messages to google 

EDIT* – Even CNN Money has an article – Your virtual cow could be worth $0

When Google announced that they were closing all Slide applications they ruffled quite a few feathers, namely the players of Superpoke Pets.  So much so that many sites including Tech Crunch (Hell Hath No Fury Like a Superpoke Pet Player Scorned) , WebPro NewsSlide, Super Poke Pets Fans Furious Over Google’s Planned Shut Down, & Super Poke Pets Users Not Impressed with Google’s Halloween Costume Comparison), Business (Slide Users Are FURIOUS Google Is Shutting Down The Company), All Things D (SuperPoke Pets Saga: What’s the Long-Term Value of a Virtual Good?) , (User uproar as Google kills Slide, Super Poke Pets), Games Blog (Google axes Slide, takes many Facebook games down with it), APPAdvice(Google Kills Superpoke! Pets – Pisses Everyone Off Again ), The Washington post (Hell hath No Fury Like a Superpoke Pet Player Scorned) and even the New York TimesGoogle to Shut Slide Apps as Slide Founder Departs) have been inundated with unhappy users. But, why are they so unhappy?

Though many players complaints dwell on the money they spent buying virtual “goods” to decorate their habitats, the core of the problem is not a tangible one, but an emotional one. However, it is easier, and more socially acceptable, for players to express their dismay about something more tangible, like the money, than it is to declare that they feel as though a friend has been condemned to death.

To non players, that may seem like a bizarre, even ridiculous comparison, but to those who have been tickling, poking and decorating their pets for years, it’s pretty close to the truth.  And why shouldn’t it be? Think of your friends on facebook and count how many of them you’ve never met in person. I know I have quite a few. We all tell ourselves “there’s a real person behind those pixels” but we never see them. We see a still photo or, if we’re lucky, maybe a voice over a phone or a chat. Yet, it is acceptable to be attached, even to “love”, these “pixelated” people, who are no more “real” than the pixelated pets on Superpoke Pets. Yet, it is not acceptable to be attached to a virtual pet. We live in a virtual world with virtual friends, virtual goods and virtual pets. The human condition requires emotional connection, and so we connect to these virtual things. THAT is what the real outrage is. It’s the same as if someone were to delete your facebook friends – and I don’t mean their accounts, I mean delete them completely so that they cease to exist in your world; in other words they were essentially dead. That’s what players are really upset about.

Other gamers find Superpoke pets to be “boring”, “unchallenging’ and even “quaint”, but it is precisely these qualities that have given it it’s fanbase. Many of the Superpoke Pets players are disabled people who finally found a game, and a community, they could participate in. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. When even sweeping your own floor is impossible because of a physical limitation, then decorating that pet’s habitat suddenly becomes a major accomplishment – no different than the hundreds of out of work people sitting at home playing playstation, x-box and Wii so that they can feel they’ve accomplished something, too.

Superpoke Pet fans have a number of things going in an effort to save their game, that a good dose of organization would certainly help.  If you’re a superpoke pets player then check the links below.

A Message to Google

A message to Google from the Superpoke Pets community. I think the images speak for themselves.

(Note: These are not MY habitats unless otherwise noted*)

pet: spencer born: april 2009

pet: Piggsly born: July 2009

pet: schmoo born: jan 2009

pet: chaz born: sept 2009

Pet: Kitten Ciao born: Sept 2009

pet: Chi Chi born: March 2009

pet: Chii born June 2011

Pet: Sassy Girl Born: Nov 2009

pet: BABYGIRL born: dec 2009

pet: Maia born: May 2009

Pet: Usa-chan Born: Dec 2010

pet: Roger born: July 2011

pet: Wool-E born: october 2009

pet: Bubbles born: feb 2009

Pet: Hannah Born: March 2009

Pet: Chaly Born: Feb 2010

pet: baby born: august 2009

pet: Luxie born: august 2010

pet: DooBeeDooBeeDoo born: feb 2010

pet: petunia born: oct 2009

pet: Sidney born: dec 2008

Pet: Kitteh Kat Born: Feb 2009

pet: Sneeze born: august 2009

pet” Peanut born: march 2010

pet: Lancelot born: feb 2009

pet: Pignet born: feb 2010

pet: Clover Hunny-Bunny born: Jan 2009

pet: annie born: January 2009

pet: zoe born: july 2010

Pet: whatzit Born: July 2009

Pet: Kiwi Born: Aug 2009

pet: sugardumpling born: october 2009

pet: Herbie born: june 2009

pet: Spot born: June 2009

Pet: Piglet Born: Jan 2009

Pet: Jenny Born: Jan 2011

Pet: Piggy Born: April 2009

Pet: Fred~RockinRebelTurtle Born: Oct 2009

Pet: Gossimer Born: Aug 2009

Pet: Ponyo Born: June 2010

pet: tom born: Nov 2009

pet: Sidney born: sept 2008

pet: baby born: august 2009

pet: Babbit Runny born: July 2009

pet: sweetie born: July 2009

Pet: Tuli Born: Feb 2009

pet: kakokeko born: January 2009

pet: Crystal Born: March 2011

Pet: Clucky Born: May 2009

pet: Marmalade born: april 2009

pet: Emmy born: dec 2008

Pet: edwina Born: April 2009

pet: Rummy Partoe born: april 2011

Pet: Macaroni Born: May 2010

pet: Lucky born: dec 2008

pet: HANK born: dec 2009

pet: Gossimer born: Aug 2009

pet: Piggsly born: july 2009

pet: PooPanda born: feb 2010

pet: Frankie born: april 2011

Pet: Green legs Born: June 2010

pet: Turt L born: october 2009

Pet: Jackson Born: April 2011

Pet: PETE Born: Dec 2008

Pet: Belina Bunny Born: Jul 2009

pet: Allie born: Nov 2009

pet: MiMi born: jan 2010

pet: Puck born: august: 2010

pet: Samma Lamma born: october 2009

Pet: Luna Born: Sept 2009

pet: Macadamia born: dec 2008

pet: Puppie born: Jan 2009

Pet: catito Born: dec 2008

pet: Corkey born: july 2009

pet: Lucky born: june 2009

pet: Thorny born: april 2009

Pet: Cuddles Born: Dec 2008

Pet: Hester Born: March 2010

pet: charlie born: march 2011

pet: Rosabel born: may 2010

Pet: dog Born: June 2010

Pet: gluglu Born: Feb 2009

Pet: Smaug Born: Dec 2008

pet: BON BON born: sept 2009

pet: *LuLu* born: May 2009

pet: Taz born: dec 2010

Pet: Dobby A Free Elf Born: Dec 2010

pet: Snowflake born: july 2009

pet: ELAINE born: Jan 2011

pet: Pandy born: sept 2009

Pet: JOSIE Born: dec 2008

pet: Lil Mizz Chilly born: oct 2009

pet: Sheepy born: dec 2008

Pet: sophia Born: June 2009

pet: Panders born: dec 2008

pet: Happy born: june 2011

pet: Ralphy born: august 2009

pet: Maggie born: april 2010

pet: Kittypoo born: march 2009

pet: Lloyd born: feb 2011

pet: Fluffy born: feb 2009

pet: blaze born: June 2009

pet: v born: jan 2009

pet: Bubbles born: may 2009

pet: kitten born: feb 2009

pet: TinkerPig born: feb 2009

pet: Sinatra born: dec 2009

pet: Eustace Clarence Scrub born: dec 2008

pet: Cassie born: august 2009

pet: dup born: feb 2009

pet: Shy One born: april 2010

Pet: Paco Born: April 2009

pet: Lady Kitty born: dec 2008

pet: Bunearey born: may 2009

pet: **Bruno** born: may 2009

pet: Gilbert born: dec 2008

pet: Allie born: nov 2009

pet: Wubbzie born: jan 2009

pet: Lilly born: nov 2009

pet: Bunicula born: april 2009

pet: Kitty fantastico Born: January 2009

pet: Stefan born: july 2010

pet: fancy kitty born: dec 2008

pet: Belle born: Nov 2010

pet: Sunny born: July 2010

pet: Wingwing born: october 2009

Pet: SPP Orphan Born: dec 2008

Pet: Grawr Born: dec 2010

pet: Piggy born: dec 2008

pet: pookie born: dec 2010

pet: Sassy born: july 2009

pet: Marshmellow born: dec 2008

pet: Snappy born: Feb 2009

pet: bennypalomaluward born: feb 2011

pet: Zu born: august 2010

pet: B-Angel born: Fe 2010

pet: tadow born: june 2009

pet: Kit E.Kat born: nov 2009

pet: Princess B born: sept 2009

pet:Lil Boo born: dec 2008

pet: Pengueny born: jan 2009

pet: Rascal born: nov 2010

pet: Chicka Dee born: July 2009

pet: Heidi born: may 2009

pet: Redrum born july 2011

pet: Deja Vu born: July 2011

Pet: Aqua Born: feb 2011

pet: JC born: oct 2009

pet: Baby Peach born: march 2011

pet: Ediloo born: feb 2009

Pet: Cutie Born: Sept 2009

pet: CutePandaOfDarkness XD born: dec 2008

pet: Maksim born: oct 2009

pet: Chilly Willy, II born: Jan 2009

pet: Olivia born: dec 2010

pet: Lt. Shinysides born: dec 2008

pet: Bunny born: june 2009

pet: Herbie born: June 2010

pet: Adonis born: feb 2010

Pet: Corkey Born: July 2009

pet: WILLIE EDWARD born: oct 2009

Pet: Slippers Born: July 2009

pet: Wooly born: feb 2009

pet: Jessie born: october 2009

pet: Joby born: Jan 2009

pet: Koki born: October 2009

pet: Marigold born: spet 2009

pet: Puff born: may 2009

pet: Max Byteme born: dec 2009

pet: Julio born: dec 2008

pet: Bubby born: July 2010

pet: Pinkie born: Jan 2011

pet: Bubbles born: May 2009

pet: Knightley born: July 2010

pet: Maura Deltoid born: March 2010

pet: stupid born: feb 2009

pet: Pandy born: sept 2009

pet: cutie pie born: june 2009

pet: faith born: feb 2010

pet: Gus born: dec 2008

pet: Mitzee born: sept 2009

pet: Jeffrey born: June 2010

pet: Penjuan born: dec 2008

pet: chickadee born: march 2009

Pet: Lurking Fear Born: January 2011

pet: Piggly Wiggly born: June 2010

pet: Sophia born July 2011

pet: *Azura* born: october 2009

pet: Buddy born: may 2009

pet: *LuLu* born: feb 2009

pet: Beatrice Born: May 2009

pet: The Quickness born April 2009 (this is mine)

pet: Chester born: June 2011

pet: Michiko o_0 born: dec 2010

pet: Butter Tangier born: sep 2009

pet: Ink born: June 2011

Pet: Duchess Born: Aug 2009

pet: Precious born: January 2011

pet: plushie born sept 2010

pet: Mily Pily born June 2011

pet: Turtle born: sept 2009

pet: Clucky born: dec 2008 (mine)

pet: Drako born: march 2009

pet: KaMeCl born: feb 2009

pet: Lana born: march 2010

pet: FiFi born: dec 2008

pet: sweet pea born: feb 2009

pet: piggy born: june 2009

pet: v born: jan 2009

pet: Wanda born: august 2009

pet: Ish born” March 2011

pet: Pumpkin born: Nov 2009

pet: Nellie born: feb 2010

pet: geri jr born: jan 2009

pet: chantal born: nov 2009

pet: Autumn born: May 2009

pet: Hannah/Hank born: may 2009

pet: qozitho orejablanqa born: November 2009

pet: annie born: Jan 2009

pet: Miss Pettybone born: dec 2008

pet: jacob jr. born: dec 2010

pet: Gorden born: July 2009

pet: Bella born: Sept 2009

pet: Baby Kitty born: March 2009

pet: Drakko Jr born: march 2010

Pet: TARI Born: June 2009

pet: Gomer Pyle born: sept 2010

pet: mmababy born: dec 2010

pet: Piggy born: feb 2009

pet: Blondie born: June 2009

pet: Sophie born: august 2010

pet: pandy born: dec 2008

pet: Milo Pedalston born: oct 2009

pet: kitty born: July 2009

pet: Leeper born: jan 2010

pet: Sweet Kat born: dec 2008

pet: clucky born: march 2010

pet: Honeybun born: jan 2011

pet: Pumpkin born: June 2011

pet: Mishu born: dec 2010

pet: jewel born: dec 2008

pet: bliss born: june 2009

pet: faith born: feb 2010

pet: Pichew born: may 2009

pet: Sayuri born: April 2010

pet: Poof born: dec 2010

pet: yay born: dec 2010

pet: pinky born: feb 2009

pet: SLEEPY born: Jan 2011

Pet: Slippers Born: Feb 2011

pet: Cortez born: april 2010

pet: LIL BIT! born: dec 2008

pet: Allie born: nov 2009

pet: Precious born: Jan 2011

pet: Molson born: august 2009

pet: ChibiTatsu born: jan 2011

pet: Baa born: feb 2009

pet: Chum Chum born: dec 2009

pet: Pinky born: feb 2009

pet: Monkey born: sept 2009

pet: lono born: oct 2009

pet: Patrick born: dec 2010

pet: Feles born: May 2009

pet: Billy born: nov 2009

pet: Petunia born: august 2011

pet: Rafiki born: June 2009

Pet: Tux Born: Jan 2009

pet: Dede! born: jan 2011

pet: Goalie born: July 2009

pet: Crystal born: dec 2010

Pet: kermi Born: Jul 2009

pet: Puff Mama born: dec 2009

pet: Maurice born: June 2009

pet: lamby pie born: june 2009

pet: Tiny Fire born: March 2011

Pet: Pinky Born: May 2009

pet: tiki born: Sept 2009

pet: Rush born: august 2009

pet: TORCH born; July 2010

pet: Oink born: feb 2011

pet: TARI born: June 2009

pet: PengYou born April 2010

pet: Marlie born march 2009

pet: Sneeze born: august 2009

pat: princesse born: june 2010

pet: Monty born: dec 2009

pet: Qingwa born: Jan 2011

pet: Wiggie Piggie born: dec 2008

pet: Tony Tiger born: may 2011

Pet: FiFi Born: Dec 2008

pet: Tyler born: dec 2008

pet: Oink born: Jan 2011

pet: TOMMIE born: jan 2010

pet: Bambi born: April 2010

pet: Rajah born: march 2009

pet: CAT born: august 2010

pet: Trollop born: june 2009

Pet: Magenta born: Feb 2010

pet: Fausto born: may 2009

pet: Sandpaw born: dec 2008

pet: Grawr born: dec 2010

pet: kitty born: May 2009

pet: Daisy May born: july 2009

pet: Emerald born: June 2009

pet: Sassy born: july 2009

pet: Pinkie born: march 2010

pet: Arabelle born: feb 2010

pet: Sasha born: april 2009

pet: Bandit The Storage Pet born: sept 2010

pet: Chuckles born: feb 2009

pet: kalessin born: jan 2009

pet: Hannah born: april 2011

pet: Pandy born: July 2009

pet: Renie and Mollie born March 2010

pet: Fiara born: Oct 2009

pet: Miss TuxyTail born: July 11, 2010

pet: R.J born: oct 2009

pet: Scooter born: June 2010

pet: Hoppelchen born: Nov 2009

pet: PETE born: dec 2008

pet: piglet born: dec 2008

pet” Lucy born: may 2009

pet: froggy born: march 2009

pet: Babydoll born: Jan 2009

pet: Vanilla born: dec 2010

pet: Marshmellow born: Oct 2010

pet: Puff born: July 2010

pet: Flame born: June 2011

pet: Blueberry born: March 2009

pet: LIGHTING born: June 2009

pet: Scorch born: June 2010

pet: Frisky born: Jan 2011

pet: Kitty born: April 2009

pet: Oscar born: September 2009

pet: Mulan born: January 2011

pet: momo born: may 2010

pet: yumichi born: april 2009

pet: Walter born: may 2009

pet: Chomby born: August 2011

pet: Gurney born: dec 2008

pet: celia born: April 2011

pet: Maura D born: oct 2009

pet: Moppet born: june 2010

pet: Vincent born: march 2009

pet: Jack born: May 2009

pet: Tony born: Feb 2010

pet: Shelby born: Jan 2011

pet: lucky born: feb 2009

pet: Heathcliff born: june 2009

pet: Kitty born: April 2009

pet: Cashmere born: may 2009

pet: Polly born: feb 2009

pet: casey born: feb 2011

pet: Woolworth born: april 2009

pet: Bunny born: dec 2010

pet: TinkerPig born: feb 2009

pet: pookie born: jan 2009

pet: George born: May 2009Luna

pet: Gracie born: may 2009

pet: Baby Kitty born: march 2009

pet: Pinky born: July 2009

pet: kitty born: feb 2010

pet: Yang born: april 2011

pet: sunshine born: feb 2009

pet: Jumper born: Sept 2009

pet: slither born: may 2009

pet: pooky born: dec 2010

pet: Minol born April 2011

pet: Fluffy born: Feb 2009

pet: Benedict born: August 2010

pet: fat head born: dec 2010

pet: Tiny born: Jan 2009

pet: Fire Born: feb 2009

pet: Sally Anne born: feb 2009

pet: i Panda born: Jan 2009

pet: ozzy born: dec 2009

pet: PursMott born: sept 2010

pet: Mushi Mushi born: aug 2009

pet: Minou born: august 2010

pet: gabriel born: July 2009

pet: Jumper born: sept 2009

pet: Summer born: jan 2010

pet: Cookie born: May 2011

pet: fluffycat born: dec 2008

pet: froggy born: march 2009

pet: tallulah born: march 2011

pet: jade born: March 2010

pet: bob born: July 2009

pet: Ichigo Born: feb 2009

pet: Virtual Guzzle Born: sept 2009

pet: Little Smaug born: Sept 2009

pet: Miezekatziiiii born: dec 2008

pet: Pandy born: jan 2009

pet: Tigggger born: nov 2010

pet: Totzuka born: feb 2010

pet: Aerith born: october 2010

pet: Hikaru born: august 2009

pet: Monster born: Dec 2008

pet: Hester born: march 2010

pet: Froderick born: may 2009

pet: VJ born: March 2009

pet: Spooky born: dec 2008

pet: Fausto Born: May 2009

pet: “Tinka Bella” born: oct 2009

pet: Mota born: sept 2009

pet: shironeko born: may 2009

pet: happy born: June 2011

pet: Tony the Tiger Born: dec 2008

pet: Hashi born January 2009

pet: Archibald born: march 2010

pet: Katzi born: aug 2009

pet: Nicodemus born: dec 2008

Pet: BARKLEY born: April 2009

pet: Morphoditie born: April 2009

pat: bella born: aug 2009

pet: BooBooKitty Born: march 2009

pet: yoshi born: april 2010

pet: ahh choo born: feb 2009

pet: Lump born: january 2009

pet: Squishy Born: Jan 2009

pet: George born: nov 2010

pet: Tedditoo born: Jan 2009

pet: lucky born: october 2009

pet: Kat Kenzie born: dec 2010

pet: schmoo born: jan 2009

pet: Doodles born: march 2011

pet: penny born: Aug 2010

pet: Bella born: march 2010

pet: tandy born: april 2009

pet: Droopy born: dec 2009

pet: jadecat born: March 2010

pet: Bubbles born: July 2011

pet: giggio born: Jan 2009

pet: Mr. Flopperton the third born: May 2009

pet: Tigre born: sept 2009

pet: fog horn leg horn born: March 2009

pet: draco born: feb 2009

pet: Bitty Buddy born: sept 2009

pet: Mathers born: april 2011

pet: Maddie born: oct 2009

pet: McNugget born: Jan 2009

pet: George born: April 2011

pet: Tate Born: Jan 2011

pet: Droopy born: dec 2009

pet: Kyra born: jan 2011

pet: Shigirl born: march 2010

pet: mittens born: dec 2010

pet: R.J born: october 2009

pet: Bryce born: Nov 2010

pet: chesterJr born January 2009

pet: coco born: jan 2011

pet: JAMES born: march 2009

pet: Mimi born: March 2011

pet: Annie born: nov 2009

pet: Aborted by Google born: march 2009

pet: sweet pea born: feb 2009

pet: PRISSY born: jan 2009

pet: Pyro born: April 2009

pet: Smashbox! born: august 2009

pet: Shamrock born: Jan 2011

pet: Tiger born: June 2009

pet: KatRina born: June 2009

pet: Kissa Liisa born Aug 2011

pet: Scoot born: feb 2009

pet: Merlin born: July 2009

pet: Cuddy born: dec 2008

pet: chencho born: Nove 2009

pet: Binky born: August 2009

pet: skeeter born: dec 2008

pet: MISS KITY born: march 2010

pet: Zachary born: april 2009

pet: Pooky born: April 2009

pet: Mary born: dec 2008

pet: Ms Porkson born: dec 2009

pet: Slither born: amy 2009

pet: DoRein born: dec 2008

pet: HeyUp Compo born June 2011

pet: PussNboots born: May 2011

pet: Antonia born: Jan 2010

pet: Kono born: dec 2008

pet: tata born: dec 2009

pet: megan born: march 2011

pet: Lola born: march 2010

pet: Izzy<3 born: AUgust 2009

pet: Moe joe born: jan 2011

pet: Chicken Head born: may 2009

pet: tooth born: April 2009

pet: diana born: January 2011

pet: Smoochkin born: Aug 2010

pet: memphis born: april 2009

pet: Minnie born: March 2011

pet: Nikki born: dec 2010

pet: Klumpatschi born: jan 2009

pet: Weeze born: Sept 2009

pet: tiggrrr born: august 2010

pet: Tigger born: april 2011

pet: Bridgette born: June 2010

pet: Emma born: April 2009

pet: Sage will miss y’all born: dec 2010

pet: maura deltoid born: march 2009

pet: Lucky born: dec 2008

pet: FiFi born: march 2009

Pet: savira born: sept 2009

Emm Deltoid born: April 2010

pet: Volodya born: dec 2010

pet: Duncan born: Jan 2009

pet: Junebug born: august 2010

pet: The original precious born:dec 2008

pet: Norbert born: march 2009

pet: vanilla Born: nov 2010

pet: I love my wifey Ashley born: dec 2008

pet: “Bonnie Bunny” born: dec 2008

pet: Milo Pedalston born: oct 2009

pet: Manson born: dec 2008

pet: tippi born: jan 2009

pet: Sophie born: august 2009

pet: Harriet born: may 2009

pet: Pooky born: feb 2009

pet: Crocker born: april 2009

pet: Snookums born: nov 2010

pet: Sugar born: april 2009

pet: Turtle born: Nov 2009

pet: raggedy_Doctor born: jan 2011

pet: king tut born: may 2009

pet: Gidget is Back Born Jan 2009

pet: De Lite Born: May 2009

pet: Popy born: January 2010

pet: Don’t Wanna Die ;-( born: feb 2011

pet: COTTON born: May 2009

pet: Oscsr born: jan 2010

pet: *Dakota* born: January 2009