A Message to Google

A message to Google from the Superpoke Pets community. I think the images speak for themselves.

(Note: These are not MY habitats unless otherwise noted*)

pet: spencer born: april 2009

pet: Piggsly born: July 2009

pet: schmoo born: jan 2009

pet: chaz born: sept 2009

Pet: Kitten Ciao born: Sept 2009

pet: Chi Chi born: March 2009

pet: Chii born June 2011

Pet: Sassy Girl Born: Nov 2009

pet: BABYGIRL born: dec 2009

pet: Maia born: May 2009

Pet: Usa-chan Born: Dec 2010

pet: Roger born: July 2011

pet: Wool-E born: october 2009

pet: Bubbles born: feb 2009

Pet: Hannah Born: March 2009

Pet: Chaly Born: Feb 2010

pet: baby born: august 2009

pet: Luxie born: august 2010

pet: DooBeeDooBeeDoo born: feb 2010

pet: petunia born: oct 2009

pet: Sidney born: dec 2008

Pet: Kitteh Kat Born: Feb 2009

pet: Sneeze born: august 2009

pet” Peanut born: march 2010

pet: Lancelot born: feb 2009

pet: Pignet born: feb 2010

pet: Clover Hunny-Bunny born: Jan 2009

pet: annie born: January 2009

pet: zoe born: july 2010

Pet: whatzit Born: July 2009

Pet: Kiwi Born: Aug 2009

pet: sugardumpling born: october 2009

pet: Herbie born: june 2009

pet: Spot born: June 2009

Pet: Piglet Born: Jan 2009

Pet: Jenny Born: Jan 2011

Pet: Piggy Born: April 2009

Pet: Fred~RockinRebelTurtle Born: Oct 2009

Pet: Gossimer Born: Aug 2009

Pet: Ponyo Born: June 2010

pet: tom born: Nov 2009

pet: Sidney born: sept 2008

pet: baby born: august 2009

pet: Babbit Runny born: July 2009

pet: sweetie born: July 2009

Pet: Tuli Born: Feb 2009

pet: kakokeko born: January 2009

pet: Crystal Born: March 2011

Pet: Clucky Born: May 2009

pet: Marmalade born: april 2009

pet: Emmy born: dec 2008

Pet: edwina Born: April 2009

pet: Rummy Partoe born: april 2011

Pet: Macaroni Born: May 2010

pet: Lucky born: dec 2008

pet: HANK born: dec 2009

pet: Gossimer born: Aug 2009

pet: Piggsly born: july 2009

pet: PooPanda born: feb 2010

pet: Frankie born: april 2011

Pet: Green legs Born: June 2010

pet: Turt L born: october 2009

Pet: Jackson Born: April 2011

Pet: PETE Born: Dec 2008

Pet: Belina Bunny Born: Jul 2009

pet: Allie born: Nov 2009

pet: MiMi born: jan 2010

pet: Puck born: august: 2010

pet: Samma Lamma born: october 2009

Pet: Luna Born: Sept 2009

pet: Macadamia born: dec 2008

pet: Puppie born: Jan 2009

Pet: catito Born: dec 2008

pet: Corkey born: july 2009

pet: Lucky born: june 2009

pet: Thorny born: april 2009

Pet: Cuddles Born: Dec 2008

Pet: Hester Born: March 2010

pet: charlie born: march 2011

pet: Rosabel born: may 2010

Pet: dog Born: June 2010

Pet: gluglu Born: Feb 2009

Pet: Smaug Born: Dec 2008

pet: BON BON born: sept 2009

pet: *LuLu* born: May 2009

pet: Taz born: dec 2010

Pet: Dobby A Free Elf Born: Dec 2010

pet: Snowflake born: july 2009

pet: ELAINE born: Jan 2011

pet: Pandy born: sept 2009

Pet: JOSIE Born: dec 2008

pet: Lil Mizz Chilly born: oct 2009

pet: Sheepy born: dec 2008

Pet: sophia Born: June 2009

pet: Panders born: dec 2008

pet: Happy born: june 2011

pet: Ralphy born: august 2009

pet: Maggie born: april 2010

pet: Kittypoo born: march 2009

pet: Lloyd born: feb 2011

pet: Fluffy born: feb 2009

pet: blaze born: June 2009

pet: v born: jan 2009

pet: Bubbles born: may 2009

pet: kitten born: feb 2009

pet: TinkerPig born: feb 2009

pet: Sinatra born: dec 2009

pet: Eustace Clarence Scrub born: dec 2008

pet: Cassie born: august 2009

pet: dup born: feb 2009

pet: Shy One born: april 2010

Pet: Paco Born: April 2009

pet: Lady Kitty born: dec 2008

pet: Bunearey born: may 2009

pet: **Bruno** born: may 2009

pet: Gilbert born: dec 2008

pet: Allie born: nov 2009

pet: Wubbzie born: jan 2009

pet: Lilly born: nov 2009

pet: Bunicula born: april 2009

pet: Kitty fantastico Born: January 2009

pet: Stefan born: july 2010

pet: fancy kitty born: dec 2008

pet: Belle born: Nov 2010

pet: Sunny born: July 2010

pet: Wingwing born: october 2009

Pet: SPP Orphan Born: dec 2008

Pet: Grawr Born: dec 2010

pet: Piggy born: dec 2008

pet: pookie born: dec 2010

pet: Sassy born: july 2009

pet: Marshmellow born: dec 2008

pet: Snappy born: Feb 2009

pet: bennypalomaluward born: feb 2011

pet: Zu born: august 2010

pet: B-Angel born: Fe 2010

pet: tadow born: june 2009

pet: Kit E.Kat born: nov 2009

pet: Princess B born: sept 2009

pet:Lil Boo born: dec 2008

pet: Pengueny born: jan 2009

pet: Rascal born: nov 2010

pet: Chicka Dee born: July 2009

pet: Heidi born: may 2009

pet: Redrum born july 2011

pet: Deja Vu born: July 2011

Pet: Aqua Born: feb 2011

pet: JC born: oct 2009

pet: Baby Peach born: march 2011

pet: Ediloo born: feb 2009

Pet: Cutie Born: Sept 2009

pet: CutePandaOfDarkness XD born: dec 2008

pet: Maksim born: oct 2009

pet: Chilly Willy, II born: Jan 2009

pet: Olivia born: dec 2010

pet: Lt. Shinysides born: dec 2008

pet: Bunny born: june 2009

pet: Herbie born: June 2010

pet: Adonis born: feb 2010

Pet: Corkey Born: July 2009

pet: WILLIE EDWARD born: oct 2009

Pet: Slippers Born: July 2009

pet: Wooly born: feb 2009

pet: Jessie born: october 2009

pet: Joby born: Jan 2009

pet: Koki born: October 2009

pet: Marigold born: spet 2009

pet: Puff born: may 2009

pet: Max Byteme born: dec 2009

pet: Julio born: dec 2008

pet: Bubby born: July 2010

pet: Pinkie born: Jan 2011

pet: Bubbles born: May 2009

pet: Knightley born: July 2010

pet: Maura Deltoid born: March 2010

pet: stupid born: feb 2009

pet: Pandy born: sept 2009

pet: cutie pie born: june 2009

pet: faith born: feb 2010

pet: Gus born: dec 2008

pet: Mitzee born: sept 2009

pet: Jeffrey born: June 2010

pet: Penjuan born: dec 2008

pet: chickadee born: march 2009

Pet: Lurking Fear Born: January 2011

pet: Piggly Wiggly born: June 2010

pet: Sophia born July 2011

pet: *Azura* born: october 2009

pet: Buddy born: may 2009

pet: *LuLu* born: feb 2009

pet: Beatrice Born: May 2009

pet: The Quickness born April 2009 (this is mine)

pet: Chester born: June 2011

pet: Michiko o_0 born: dec 2010

pet: Butter Tangier born: sep 2009

pet: Ink born: June 2011

Pet: Duchess Born: Aug 2009

pet: Precious born: January 2011

pet: plushie born sept 2010

pet: Mily Pily born June 2011

pet: Turtle born: sept 2009

pet: Clucky born: dec 2008 (mine)

pet: Drako born: march 2009

pet: KaMeCl born: feb 2009

pet: Lana born: march 2010

pet: FiFi born: dec 2008

pet: sweet pea born: feb 2009

pet: piggy born: june 2009

pet: v born: jan 2009

pet: Wanda born: august 2009

pet: Ish born” March 2011

pet: Pumpkin born: Nov 2009

pet: Nellie born: feb 2010

pet: geri jr born: jan 2009

pet: chantal born: nov 2009

pet: Autumn born: May 2009

pet: Hannah/Hank born: may 2009

pet: qozitho orejablanqa born: November 2009

pet: annie born: Jan 2009

pet: Miss Pettybone born: dec 2008

pet: jacob jr. born: dec 2010

pet: Gorden born: July 2009

pet: Bella born: Sept 2009

pet: Baby Kitty born: March 2009

pet: Drakko Jr born: march 2010

Pet: TARI Born: June 2009

pet: Gomer Pyle born: sept 2010

pet: mmababy born: dec 2010

pet: Piggy born: feb 2009

pet: Blondie born: June 2009

pet: Sophie born: august 2010

pet: pandy born: dec 2008

pet: Milo Pedalston born: oct 2009

pet: kitty born: July 2009

pet: Leeper born: jan 2010

pet: Sweet Kat born: dec 2008

pet: clucky born: march 2010

pet: Honeybun born: jan 2011

pet: Pumpkin born: June 2011

pet: Mishu born: dec 2010

pet: jewel born: dec 2008

pet: bliss born: june 2009

pet: faith born: feb 2010

pet: Pichew born: may 2009

pet: Sayuri born: April 2010

pet: Poof born: dec 2010

pet: yay born: dec 2010

pet: pinky born: feb 2009

pet: SLEEPY born: Jan 2011

Pet: Slippers Born: Feb 2011

pet: Cortez born: april 2010

pet: LIL BIT! born: dec 2008

pet: Allie born: nov 2009

pet: Precious born: Jan 2011

pet: Molson born: august 2009

pet: ChibiTatsu born: jan 2011

pet: Baa born: feb 2009

pet: Chum Chum born: dec 2009

pet: Pinky born: feb 2009

pet: Monkey born: sept 2009

pet: lono born: oct 2009

pet: Patrick born: dec 2010

pet: Feles born: May 2009

pet: Billy born: nov 2009

pet: Petunia born: august 2011

pet: Rafiki born: June 2009

Pet: Tux Born: Jan 2009

pet: Dede! born: jan 2011

pet: Goalie born: July 2009

pet: Crystal born: dec 2010

Pet: kermi Born: Jul 2009

pet: Puff Mama born: dec 2009

pet: Maurice born: June 2009

pet: lamby pie born: june 2009

pet: Tiny Fire born: March 2011

Pet: Pinky Born: May 2009

pet: tiki born: Sept 2009

pet: Rush born: august 2009

pet: TORCH born; July 2010

pet: Oink born: feb 2011

pet: TARI born: June 2009

pet: PengYou born April 2010

pet: Marlie born march 2009

pet: Sneeze born: august 2009

pat: princesse born: june 2010

pet: Monty born: dec 2009

pet: Qingwa born: Jan 2011

pet: Wiggie Piggie born: dec 2008

pet: Tony Tiger born: may 2011

Pet: FiFi Born: Dec 2008

pet: Tyler born: dec 2008

pet: Oink born: Jan 2011

pet: TOMMIE born: jan 2010

pet: Bambi born: April 2010

pet: Rajah born: march 2009

pet: CAT born: august 2010

pet: Trollop born: june 2009

Pet: Magenta born: Feb 2010

pet: Fausto born: may 2009

pet: Sandpaw born: dec 2008

pet: Grawr born: dec 2010

pet: kitty born: May 2009

pet: Daisy May born: july 2009

pet: Emerald born: June 2009

pet: Sassy born: july 2009

pet: Pinkie born: march 2010

pet: Arabelle born: feb 2010

pet: Sasha born: april 2009

pet: Bandit The Storage Pet born: sept 2010

pet: Chuckles born: feb 2009

pet: kalessin born: jan 2009

pet: Hannah born: april 2011

pet: Pandy born: July 2009

pet: Renie and Mollie born March 2010

pet: Fiara born: Oct 2009

pet: Miss TuxyTail born: July 11, 2010

pet: R.J born: oct 2009

pet: Scooter born: June 2010

pet: Hoppelchen born: Nov 2009

pet: PETE born: dec 2008

pet: piglet born: dec 2008

pet” Lucy born: may 2009

pet: froggy born: march 2009

pet: Babydoll born: Jan 2009

pet: Vanilla born: dec 2010

pet: Marshmellow born: Oct 2010

pet: Puff born: July 2010

pet: Flame born: June 2011

pet: Blueberry born: March 2009

pet: LIGHTING born: June 2009

pet: Scorch born: June 2010

pet: Frisky born: Jan 2011

pet: Kitty born: April 2009

pet: Oscar born: September 2009

pet: Mulan born: January 2011

pet: momo born: may 2010

pet: yumichi born: april 2009

pet: Walter born: may 2009

pet: Chomby born: August 2011

pet: Gurney born: dec 2008

pet: celia born: April 2011

pet: Maura D born: oct 2009

pet: Moppet born: june 2010

pet: Vincent born: march 2009

pet: Jack born: May 2009

pet: Tony born: Feb 2010

pet: Shelby born: Jan 2011

pet: lucky born: feb 2009

pet: Heathcliff born: june 2009

pet: Kitty born: April 2009

pet: Cashmere born: may 2009

pet: Polly born: feb 2009

pet: casey born: feb 2011

pet: Woolworth born: april 2009

pet: Bunny born: dec 2010

pet: TinkerPig born: feb 2009

pet: pookie born: jan 2009

pet: George born: May 2009Luna

pet: Gracie born: may 2009

pet: Baby Kitty born: march 2009

pet: Pinky born: July 2009

pet: kitty born: feb 2010

pet: Yang born: april 2011

pet: sunshine born: feb 2009

pet: Jumper born: Sept 2009

pet: slither born: may 2009

pet: pooky born: dec 2010

pet: Minol born April 2011

pet: Fluffy born: Feb 2009

pet: Benedict born: August 2010

pet: fat head born: dec 2010

pet: Tiny born: Jan 2009

pet: Fire Born: feb 2009

pet: Sally Anne born: feb 2009

pet: i Panda born: Jan 2009

pet: ozzy born: dec 2009

pet: PursMott born: sept 2010

pet: Mushi Mushi born: aug 2009

pet: Minou born: august 2010

pet: gabriel born: July 2009

pet: Jumper born: sept 2009

pet: Summer born: jan 2010

pet: Cookie born: May 2011

pet: fluffycat born: dec 2008

pet: froggy born: march 2009

pet: tallulah born: march 2011

pet: jade born: March 2010

pet: bob born: July 2009

pet: Ichigo Born: feb 2009

pet: Virtual Guzzle Born: sept 2009

pet: Little Smaug born: Sept 2009

pet: Miezekatziiiii born: dec 2008

pet: Pandy born: jan 2009

pet: Tigggger born: nov 2010

pet: Totzuka born: feb 2010

pet: Aerith born: october 2010

pet: Hikaru born: august 2009

pet: Monster born: Dec 2008

pet: Hester born: march 2010

pet: Froderick born: may 2009

pet: VJ born: March 2009

pet: Spooky born: dec 2008

pet: Fausto Born: May 2009

pet: “Tinka Bella” born: oct 2009

pet: Mota born: sept 2009

pet: shironeko born: may 2009

pet: happy born: June 2011

pet: Tony the Tiger Born: dec 2008

pet: Hashi born January 2009

pet: Archibald born: march 2010

pet: Katzi born: aug 2009

pet: Nicodemus born: dec 2008

Pet: BARKLEY born: April 2009

pet: Morphoditie born: April 2009

pat: bella born: aug 2009

pet: BooBooKitty Born: march 2009

pet: yoshi born: april 2010

pet: ahh choo born: feb 2009

pet: Lump born: january 2009

pet: Squishy Born: Jan 2009

pet: George born: nov 2010

pet: Tedditoo born: Jan 2009

pet: lucky born: october 2009

pet: Kat Kenzie born: dec 2010

pet: schmoo born: jan 2009

pet: Doodles born: march 2011

pet: penny born: Aug 2010

pet: Bella born: march 2010

pet: tandy born: april 2009

pet: Droopy born: dec 2009

pet: jadecat born: March 2010

pet: Bubbles born: July 2011

pet: giggio born: Jan 2009

pet: Mr. Flopperton the third born: May 2009

pet: Tigre born: sept 2009

pet: fog horn leg horn born: March 2009

pet: draco born: feb 2009

pet: Bitty Buddy born: sept 2009

pet: Mathers born: april 2011

pet: Maddie born: oct 2009

pet: McNugget born: Jan 2009

pet: George born: April 2011

pet: Tate Born: Jan 2011

pet: Droopy born: dec 2009

pet: Kyra born: jan 2011

pet: Shigirl born: march 2010

pet: mittens born: dec 2010

pet: R.J born: october 2009

pet: Bryce born: Nov 2010

pet: chesterJr born January 2009

pet: coco born: jan 2011

pet: JAMES born: march 2009

pet: Mimi born: March 2011

pet: Annie born: nov 2009

pet: Aborted by Google born: march 2009

pet: sweet pea born: feb 2009

pet: PRISSY born: jan 2009

pet: Pyro born: April 2009

pet: Smashbox! born: august 2009

pet: Shamrock born: Jan 2011

pet: Tiger born: June 2009

pet: KatRina born: June 2009

pet: Kissa Liisa born Aug 2011

pet: Scoot born: feb 2009

pet: Merlin born: July 2009

pet: Cuddy born: dec 2008

pet: chencho born: Nove 2009

pet: Binky born: August 2009

pet: skeeter born: dec 2008

pet: MISS KITY born: march 2010

pet: Zachary born: april 2009

pet: Pooky born: April 2009

pet: Mary born: dec 2008

pet: Ms Porkson born: dec 2009

pet: Slither born: amy 2009

pet: DoRein born: dec 2008

pet: HeyUp Compo born June 2011

pet: PussNboots born: May 2011

pet: Antonia born: Jan 2010

pet: Kono born: dec 2008

pet: tata born: dec 2009

pet: megan born: march 2011

pet: Lola born: march 2010

pet: Izzy<3 born: AUgust 2009

pet: Moe joe born: jan 2011

pet: Chicken Head born: may 2009

pet: tooth born: April 2009

pet: diana born: January 2011

pet: Smoochkin born: Aug 2010

pet: memphis born: april 2009

pet: Minnie born: March 2011

pet: Nikki born: dec 2010

pet: Klumpatschi born: jan 2009

pet: Weeze born: Sept 2009

pet: tiggrrr born: august 2010

pet: Tigger born: april 2011

pet: Bridgette born: June 2010

pet: Emma born: April 2009

pet: Sage will miss y’all born: dec 2010

pet: maura deltoid born: march 2009

pet: Lucky born: dec 2008

pet: FiFi born: march 2009

Pet: savira born: sept 2009

Emm Deltoid born: April 2010

pet: Volodya born: dec 2010

pet: Duncan born: Jan 2009

pet: Junebug born: august 2010

pet: The original precious born:dec 2008

pet: Norbert born: march 2009

pet: vanilla Born: nov 2010

pet: I love my wifey Ashley born: dec 2008

pet: “Bonnie Bunny” born: dec 2008

pet: Milo Pedalston born: oct 2009

pet: Manson born: dec 2008

pet: tippi born: jan 2009

pet: Sophie born: august 2009

pet: Harriet born: may 2009

pet: Pooky born: feb 2009

pet: Crocker born: april 2009

pet: Snookums born: nov 2010

pet: Sugar born: april 2009

pet: Turtle born: Nov 2009

pet: raggedy_Doctor born: jan 2011

pet: king tut born: may 2009

pet: Gidget is Back Born Jan 2009

pet: De Lite Born: May 2009

pet: Popy born: January 2010

pet: Don’t Wanna Die ;-( born: feb 2011

pet: COTTON born: May 2009

pet: Oscsr born: jan 2010

pet: *Dakota* born: January 2009

pet: Bella born: october 2009

pet: Boo Boo Bunny born: June 2009

pet: Trixie born: Jul 2011

pet: kipper born: may 2009

pet: Sugar & Spice born: feb 2011

pet: waffles born: dec 2008

pet: xoxox born: march 2009