Photos: Trip Home


We didn’t leave until after 8pm and spent most of the drive home flirting with a thunderstorm, so….


I did not use a black and white filter on this

through the windshield

through the windshield

awesome storm clouds in omaha

storm clouds

wet roads

wet roads


stormy skies

green light

green light



sunset 2

wild clouds



like the ocean

like an ocean

storms and stars - guess whose shutter speed was too slow

storm in the distance with stars above us – shutter speed was way too slow

looks fake but it's not

can you see the lightning?


neat colors



lightning strike


kansas turnpike

Kansas Turnpike


Morning in Missouri

And that’s it! Now I am off to bed for some much needed zzz’s!

Song playing at the moment – Joleene’s Song – Hedda

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2 responses to “Photos: Trip Home”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    Cool storm pics!!! My hubby recognized the Kansas Turnpike. He lived in Kansas for 3 or 4 months. πŸ™‚

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