Been awhile since I posted regularly on here. I need to get back to setting posts up.

So what have I been doing? Had some health crap. Been working on way too many book covers. My third book, Ties of Blood, has been released in ebook (paper back is coming ASAP – I have to make a handful of corrections to the file and then upload, then approve – yay), I got the book trailer for Legacy of Ghosts done, and I think that’s about it. However, I am going to be making a few small changes to the way I do things.

I’ve been rushing around, making myself sick with too little sleep and too much work (some days I put in 14 plus hours working on book covers etc.) and though I do like to do them, I need to put my health and other stuff first. That means I am going to be slower at them. I know this will probably irritate people, but if it’s too inconvenient for them then no problem – there are several other book cover artists out there. I’m not the only one and I don’t have to take every cover that comes my way and skip meals or sleep to get them done in time. It’s silly. Now, I just need to find an artist to send overflow people to!

I admit, I also put some time into the save Superpoke Pets campaign early in September (as you might remember from my blog posts), but they have given us an option called SPP Lite where we can download our pets in decorated habitats and still play with them – so far there is no way to redecorate, but that’s okay. You can’t have everything. Oh no. I feel a rant coming on.

Yep. Here it is.

That is something that chaps my toes. We complained, we cried, we whined, we said “I want my pet and I want to play with freinds’ pets! I don’t care about anything else!”, so they gave us that – which, they did not need to do. If  Farmville closes do you think they will make a special program to allow you to download your farm and keep planting? I highly doubt it. So, we have our SPP Lite and do 60% of the people appreciate it? NO! It’s all “But I want to decorate! I want my clubs! I want everything the way it is now or else I will sue, sue, sue!” Well, go ahead and sue, people. Ever hear the phrase “you buys your ticket you takes your chances”? I bought my ticket – or my gold items, in this case – I played with them, and I will play with them to get as many habitats done as I can before March sixth, and that’s it. Period. They are called VIRTUAL goods for a reason. Frankly I got more use out of many of them than I have out of a movie ticket, and I pay 12$ a piece for those (I’m a 3-D junkie – sue me! hahahahahahaha!).

But that’s people in general. You give them an inch and they want more. Maybe I am “old fashioned”, but I believe in take what you can get and shut the *&^% up. Be grateful for what you have, don’t sit and whine about what you don’t. This applies to everything in life, not just virtual games. Pre-hubby days I had a crappy tape player that had one speaker – guess what the sound quality was for that – and the antenna was a coat hanger – but I was damn glad to have it.  I listened to hours and hours of low sound quality music on it. My first car was a POS ’78 Impala that was dead more than it ran – but I was damn happy to have it.  Hell, my current desktop PC has a lot of power under the hood, but since I can’t afford the fancy cooled case it needs, I have an old case and the power supply sits outside of it, with wires stringing into the tower to keep it from overheating. Doesn’t look good, but it works, and who do I need to impress, anyway? I could go on and on, but you get my drift. You don’t always get what you want, and when you do get something it’s not always perfect. For instance I found a pair of awesome shoes in clearance for 5$ (17$ off) last night – but they were a size to big. You know what? They’re sandals, so I just tightened up the back strap and Voila! I got a 5$ pair of very awesome shoes.

I dunno. I just don’t get some people sometimes. It’s like they enjoy being upset and unhappy and go out of their way to be so. Okay, so life is not perfect, so I can’t have everything exactly the way I want it, so what? Shut up, suck it up and grow up. That’s my motto.


Okay, now that I am done ranting, I will also mention that I have been on a Lauri Ylonen and The Rasmus kick lately. I don;t remember what kicked it off, but I dragged out The Rasmus’ last album Black Roses and started listening to it – I mean I really listened to it this time – and wow! I really like it! Then I found out Lauri has a solo album so I started looking those songs up on youtube (fun fact – In America we can not buy Lauri’s album new World. It is not on Amazon. it is not on itunes. If you find it somewhere let me know!!) ANyway, if you’ve never listened to The Rasmus I say “go! go to youtube and do so!” I always knew they were good (I have listened to them off and on as filler for the last several years) but have recently begun to appreciate HOW good.

OKay, it’s 5:30. gonna set up a few blog posts then off to bed coz I have to go to the doctor tomorrow (I think it will be yesterday by the time this posts).

fav songs of the moment – “Heavy” & “In the City” – Lauri & “Bullet” – The Rasmus


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8 responses to “Wow….”

  1. Stephannie Beman says :

    I don’t blame you for slowing down. Your health is so important, Jo, you really need to take care of it. I’m sure people will understand, and those who don’t aren’t worth working for. Take care of yourself.

  2. Juli Hoffman says :

    Rant away my friend! Rant away! I say, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!” I actually stole that from my friend’s seven year old, but it’s still true! 😉 My GOD!!!!! You’re one of the hardest working people I know! Between everything you do, the writing, the blogging, the covers, the online tutorials, the online graphic novel/comic, the hand holding because some weirdo fan of yours hates the letter “E”…(Oh wait, scratch that last one; that was me!) 😉 It’s a wonder that you have ANY time left over for anything at all!

    We’re all dealt a house of cards on a foundation of sand. Things can be going along just fine, and BAM! It’s how you handle the bad stuff that determines what kind life you’re going to have. I’ve done my own bit of ranting on the whiners in life. They piss me off! I assume everything in my life CAN and WILL go wrong, and when it doesn’t I’m doing cartwheels on the inside. It really doesn’t take anything to please me anymore. Hubby has a hot meal waiting for me when I’ve worked a 10-hour day, I feel like a princess. I don’t care if he made me fish sticks! I’m happy! He’s wonderful! Life is great!

    I’m worried for you health-wise. I truly mean that. I’ve peaked at some of your profile stuff and you’ve mentioned things in your posts, but I didn’t think it appropriate for me to bring it up before. I know you have some serious medical stuff going on. Too many people in my life have gotten sick. They’re all too young to be having health issues, you included, but I suppose diseases and such don’t usually look at the person’s birth certificate before they strike. I think that makes me even more upset with the whiners of this world!

    My mother died of complications due to Multiple Sclerosis. It affected not just her, but everyone in our family. I remember being in high school, and coming home, making dinner, taking care of the house stuff, watching my two sisters, and having to take care of my mother too. She was in a wheel chair. My dad worked a lot of hours. Sometimes my mom needed help with even the basics, like using the bathroom. Was my childhood the greatest? Not always, but I did OK. There were good times as well. We did what we had to do. When my dad remarried, he married his high school sweetheart who also happens to be a two-time cancer survivor. When she gets sick with a cold or anything, she gets REALLY sick. Her immune system is shot. Should we all whine and complain about how crappy life is? I’m not! I’ve been blessed with two mothers in my lifetime who loved me, one during my childhood, and another for my adulthood, plus I’ve had many other women take me under their wings when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on. I haven’t shown any signs of developing Multiple Sclerosis myself. (Sometimes it can run in families, though so far, my mother is the only one in my family who’s had this disease.) It’s been a colorful life, but a blessed one. I don’t have any complaints or regrets.

    You only get one life, Jo. That’s all any of us get. You only get one body. You need to do everything in your power to make it last. If you’re working so hard, you’re making yourself ill with lack of sleep and worse, what kind of life are you giving yourself? That’s what it comes down to. I’m sure the decisions you’re making haven’t been easy ones, but it’s not selfish to look out for yourself. It’s not wrong to want to keep your focus on the people and things that you love and enjoy, the stuff that makes you happy. It’s not selfish to keep optimistic people around you, people who provide you with strength when you need it. Sometimes you have to let the whiners go, do their own thing, be on their own depressing path. Maybe they’ll grow up, maybe they won’t, but they’ll drag you down with them if you let them.

    I hope your doctor’s visit goes well. I’m sending positive thoughts your way this weekend, my hubby and I both are. Take care of yourself and know that there are people out there who care you and appreciate you and all that you do, people who will kick the a**es of anyone who’s upset you or brought you down! 😉

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Just wanted to say have had a lousy couple of nights and your comment has certainly been a bright spot!! >:D< (that's a huggy smiley, btw)

      Sorry to hear about your mother(s) though I agree with you – no point in looking at the bad and instead focus on the good! If I could figure it out I'd split my immune system with her (my problems are my immune system is TOO good and attacks everything – even me!) ha ha! if only that would work!

      My fingers, toes, hair, knees (ha! bet no one knew I was that flexible!) are all crossed that you never see any signs of MS!

      I'm still waiting for lab results but they think I have Crest syndrome and something autoimmune with the thyroid, too (as well as the sjogrens and raynauds – actually raynauds is part of the crest, LOL!) Yay.


      • Juli Hoffman says :

        I looked up Crest syndrome and the others, so not good JO! I’m sending another >:D< your way! I wish I could do more.

        With MS, the white blood cells are SOOO busy, hard at work, removing the protective coating off the nerves, there's no time left over to fight cold bugs and what not. The body short circuits like a house with bad wiring, causing muscle spasms and worse, very painful stuff.

        I would NEVER suggest that you take ANYTHING that wasn't prescribe by your doctor, but I can tell you that I was told that Myrrh is one of the best things you can take for the immune system. Yeah, the same stuff as in "gold, frankincense, and myrrh." It’s been around for a while! I started taking it because there have been positive results in some MS patients and kids of MS patients, like me, as a preventative measure. Last week was the first time I’d been sick with ANYTHING in nine months, a new record for me! Before that, I was getting sick ALL the time. Even though it’s sold as a fairly cheap supplement, Natures Way sells myrrh gum for around seven dollars for 100 capsules through Amazon, it’s serious stuff! That’s why you should speak with your doctor first. It’s a blood thinner, so too much and you could have clotting issues. It can also cause miscarriages; so if you’re trying to have kids, stay far away from this. A good side effect, it has helped me a LOT with my memory. I haven’t read ANYTHING about that being a benefit. Maybe because it increases blood flow? I don’t know. I’m NOT a heath nut. I’m not the kind of girl who preaches about the health benefits of this or that, but through my mom’s disease, I’ve talked to a lot of other people with immune issues. I’m glad someone passed this information to me, as it has really improved my immunity. I noticed a difference in the first month, which REALLY surprised me. I expected it to take a long time to start working. That’s the excuse I usually hear with other supplements, some crap about things needing to build up in your system. I have a “bad knee,” a former injury that never healed right. I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen, at least twice a day, for the past couple of years. I haven’t taken any ibuprofen since I started taking the myrrh. I don’t know what that means, but if I’m having a placebo effect…well I’m cool with that!

        Take this information for what it is. If you want to stick it in the “CRAP” pile, I wouldn’t blame you one bit! 😉 That’s what I originally planned on doing when I got this advice. I promise never to bring up the whole myrrh thing again unless you want to. Talking about vitamins and supplements are too much like talking about politics or religion! EVERYONE has their own opinions and loves to cram them down your throat! LOL That’s NOT me! I swear! Here are Wickipedia’s thoughts on myrrh:

        I love researching miscellaneous stuff!

        Take care and know that I’m routing for you Jo! Lots and lots of good thoughts coming your way!

  3. moonvapors says :

    Yes, Lauri and Rasmus are fantastic, you are fantastic and SPP is fantastic and I even forgive Google now 🙂

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