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Trip Slideshow

(originally from June 2008)

Though this says Video it’s really a slide show. Warning: there is some bizarre blank space at the end that was not there in the movie maker files, but appeared when I exported it to a video. No idea.

As you can see lots of useless pics of crap. I was shocked at how hicky Mt Pleasant seemed – back  when I first moved there from Coin, Mt. P seemed so sophisticated; so “modern”. When I was a junior I had seen “the internet” once and couldn’t figure out what this “yahoo” thing was. Four months later I moved to Mt. P and everyone wanted to know my email address. At old South Page we wore jeans and sweatshirts to the Homecoming dance – at Mt P they wore almost formal wear.  But, either MO is way ahead of Iowa or it is from living so close to Springfield, but the whole place was like hickville – and Yarmouth was like an episode of Hee-Haw. I laid awake one night and listened to the country street dance because it was one block away and very loud. Not to say I don’t LIKE hicky, hill billy stuff, as I have discovered I do, but I never realized just HOW rural all of that was, you know?

I also noticed some other differences between southern MO and southern IA- for instance grain bins. There are pretty much none of them here, but up there almost every house in the country has their own set. Of course I also noticed how much rustier everything is. I think maybe it’s because there’s a lot more metal going on with all the sheds and bins and such, but I now know where I got my inherent love of rusty metal things from :p I admit, I like the rundown, derelict, weedy, rusted look of the countryside: the collapsing barn, the faded house, the water streaks… what can I say? But I wonder: do I like it because I was surrounded by it OR was I surrounded by it because I was drawn to it as I already had a natural liking for it?  Kinda like which came first. Hmmm….

Poor Dad is having a time with all the rain. His roof has sprung a leak so he’s pulled all the front room carpet up (which made for some horrible pictures!) and he can’t mow most of his yard as it is a lake, LOL! Chris thinks he should turn it into a pond and forget it :p Otherwise Coin was the same as usual, though the pay phone was gone 😦 I spent many happy hours on it – it had something wrong with it so all the calls were free.

But anyway, that was my big excitement! to see more trip pics go to my June Collection on Flickr (yeah I have everything in albums and collections there – it’s almost crazy!)

Fav song of the moment – Halos of the Sun – Fuel

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