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Random updates

Okay, so I”ve been pouting for a few days, I admit it.  I went to the doctor last Friday and got my labs back – I have borderline autoimmune thyroid which will have to be monitored and possibly retested and Crest Syndrome – which is actually five little syndromes bundled together (Calcinosis, Raynaud’s, Esophagael  Dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, and Telangiectasia) and is also autoimmune, as is the Sjogrens I was already diagnosed with.  Joy, joy.  I guess the bright side is my immune system must be damn good if it is attacking pretty much everything, LOL! No vacation time for it!

If you follow my book publishing at all the paperback is now up, but I’m still not on Barnes & Noble 😦 I may have to forgo Smashwords on this one and put it on B&N myself. Crap.

Okay, enough bad stuff. Now for some amusing things!

So I was in yahoo mail a bit back and kept having trouble with it. Finally, a pop up box appeared that said:

Wasn’t that nice? I said “hi” back, but it seemed ot have no effect. now, of course, yahoo is trying to make me upgrade – again. I have been working around this, but I don;t know how much longer it will last.  The interesting thing about upgrading, though, is the Terms. Has anyone noticed what they say?

in case it’s too small I’ll retype it:  “to deliver product features, relevant advertising and abuse protection, Yahoo!’s automated systems scan and analyze ALL email, IM and other communication content.”

I know, I know, all email providers do this. I just wonder sometimes if anyone has actually THOUGHT about it, though…

And speaking of email scanning, google is probably one of the worst. Not that it can;t sometimes be a good thing. For instance I got one of those spammy “boo hoo send me money” mails to my google apps account and it came with a warning on the top:

I dunno. I suppose it could be worse. I mean, youtube has trained monkeys running things…

LOL! Yeah, I got a kick out of that. I never saw any trained monkeys, sadly. I have seen trained hamsters, but that was years ago on yahoo.  Perhaps they are worth sharing again, anyway just because they were cute:

I loved their little t-shirts. and speaking of little things, did you know wal-mart is now selling really expensive do it yourself barbie furniture? See:

Okay, not really. It’s too big for Barbie, but it is a nice size for bigger dolls. And yes, I know it is only a display:

I wonder what they do with the tiny displays when they’re done? I’ve always wanted the miniature display tents for my barbie collection. Maybe someday I’ll find someone and ask.

In the meantime, Wal-mart is carrying a new product in the drink aisle – or at least that’s where someone saw fit to stock it at our store:

I’ have thought the health and beauty aid section, where all the pregnancy tests are would have been a better place for this, but hey, what do I know? I guess this way you have to walk clear across the store to get your extenze and then go find the condoms. In that regard it is probably clever placement. However, it seems to me that putting it in grocery, where there is almost always some annoying, screaming child, would be counter productive.  You look at the annoying child and then think, “Gee… I could end up with one of those… think I’ll go buy something else…”

Like some princess Leia chips:

Or maybe some Halloween themed soda:

and with that I leave you for the night. Perhaps I’ll kick up my feet, have an orange monster soda and go say hello to yahoo. Maybe it will even say hi back!

Song playing at the moment – “In my Life” – the Rasmus

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