Random Photos – On the way to Lebanon


Yeah, these pics are from August when hubby and I took an impromptu trip to Lebanon, Missouri to see Smurfs 3-D (we missed the 3-D version everywhere else – they were the last theater to have it that was within driving distance).The movie was fun, and I got some fun photos. Can’t ask for more.

i dunno why but the fan by the ice machine amused me

the air conditioner went out. I don’t know why this amused me.

smokers welcome lol

I may have quit, but nice to know Virgil’s still welcomes smokers, LOL!



train 3

Lots more random train photos on my flickr…

i wanna live there lol

Sparkle Brook. Yeah. I wanna live there.

um okay

Um, really?

fun overpass

just kinda fun


looks like somewhere Jorick and Katelina would stay….


Dunno. Just liked it.

And that’s all for now. Fun, fun.

Song playing at the moment – Lost & Lonely – The Rasmus


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4 responses to “Random Photos – On the way to Lebanon”

  1. SharonS says :

    Poor Katelina! 🙂 Sparkle Brook, heehee

  2. Juli Hoffman says :

    OMG!!! I’m laughing so hard! Makes me want to go on a road trip to the place “Famous for Clean Restrooms!” ROFL!!!! There’s much right and so much WRONG with these photos! Classic! I’m sharing these! Thanks for the giggles!!!!

    • Juli Hoffman says :

      I just thought of the town names and I’m still laughing! I might have post some of MY pics of Hell, Michigan. Yup! We have a little town named Hell here in Michigan. 🙂 So if anyone ever tells you to go to Hell, you can tell them that the fall colors are beautiful at this time of year! 😉 LMAO!

  3. Sue says :

    I love your pics – very unique and they each have somethng to say. That motel… much nicer than where they would stay – and too many windows

    Hell Mich – I live on the other side of the border –

    Ad campaingn for Hell – a little cute devil – you’ll have a hell of a time – or some such

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