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Photos – Foggy August Morning


Yep, more photos. You’re in for a few more photo blogs after this one, too. Lucky, lucky!

These are from a foggy morning in August. Most of the photos did not turn out, but it was a learning experience, as You’ll see from the foggy September photos in a future blog. That’s really what matters.

like silver

Like silver


messing around using the Polarization and UV filters

i kinda had a thing for that weed

I had a thing for that weed – there’s a bunch of pics of it. Chris said this one was the best, though.

alien world

Looks like an alien world


sparkly flower

still looks alien to me

Still looks alien

like glass beads

spiderweb and moisture – looks like glass beads

shiny abstract 3

kinda abstract

wet grape leaves

grape leaves – just looked nice and cool

through the tree

Golden Promise

There are some more on my flickr, as usual. I take too many photos.

song playing at the moment – You Got it Wrong – The Rasmus

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