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Photos – Randomness


Just some random stuff.

frog tummy

A frog that was stuck to the window. Yeah, I used flash.

shed 2

Cool old shed

cool clouds

Just thought these were cool

flying pig

A flying piggy!

a very cool book

A very cool book – u can get a copy here – – there’s ebook and paperback. I recommend it!!!

and its autographed

and I got an autographed copy!

the duckies are getting out of hand

hubby’s duck collection is getting out of hand

I used to do a feature long ago called Boxed Dinners, which was fun. Here is an instant dinner I do NOT recommend:

rosemart chicken package

Bon Appetit Rosemarry chicken – comes in two pouches and…

the final product

This is what it cooks into it. Yech! On a side note the beef stew is very good.

and that’s it for now. Fog pictures tomorrow. Oh boy.

song playing at the moment – One & Only – The Rasmus

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