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Halloween is Coming….

I’d hoped to have some creepy photos to share. My mother’s camera was on the fritz and was taking the most awesome creepy images ever – smears, double imaging, bizarre colors, etc. Like so:

creepy 1

monkey lamp is creepy on a good day

creepy 3


creepy 4

seriously. imagine this effect on some naked trees!

Of course, the minute I pointed it at some trees (which would have been awesome!) it magically fixed itself.  Pooey. If anyone knows what caused this (or how to duplicate it) I’m all ears. I have an old Kodak that I’m not using anymore.

Yeah, this is a random yacking blog. I was going to set some more up tonight but instead I formatted two books, made two wrap around covers and worked (and hopefully finished – fingers crossed) on a third ebook cover. Oh and did some image searches for a fourth. I’m trying to get everyone wrapped up so I can start NaNoWriMo on the first of November. (National Novel Writing Month – the goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November.) Unlike the last time I did it, I;d like to start near the first so I don’t have to try to cram all 50,000 words into two weeks again. That really sucked. Plus, that was what finally did my shoulder in (two months of physical therapy afterwards. No fun.) So I have to pace myself. But I am determined to do it. I have even set up an auto reply for my email that says I am unavailable – except to returning clients. Yeah, I know, I know. I added that stipulation because I have a few, like Clay, who does one book a month. He’s easy to get along with, very reasonable and fun to work with, so I don’t mind taking a bit out to work on a cover for him. Same with LC who is also doing NaNo, and probably a few others.

Random topic change.

Since we moved to southern Missouri in 2000 there have been a few things we missed about Iowa;  Hy-vee donuts, Anderson Erickson dairy products, cornfields and rain.

In other news, after years of being cut off from real donuts and chip dip, our misery is finally at an end. yes, no longer do we need to stare longingly to the north and think “If only there was a Hy-Vee this far south!” because, m friends, now there IS! And not just a Hy-Vee, but a SUPER HY-VEE! Can I get a “hell yeah”?

For those of you not familiar with Hy-Vee goodness, it is a Midwestern grocery store chain (don’t laugh) and has been on the list of things we missed about Iowa since 2000. Sure, there are other donuts and chip dip brands, but none like those. And yeah, we have an occassioanl corn field down here, but mostly it’s rocks. Oh, and rain? Yeah, forget that. I once left cardboard boxes outside for a month straight. They came to no harm because there was not a drop of rain the entire time. Sure, it was drought, but the rainfall is nowhere near what Mt. Pleasant had. Trust me, my dry sinuses know.

Anyway, I can now cross one and a half items off of that list because… wait for it… we now have a Hy-Vee!! Yes! And even better, it’s a SUPER Hy-Vee (think super Wal-Mart only with groceries). So what the heck is a Hy-Vee, anyway? It’s a grocery store – wait, stop laughing. Yes, I’m excited about a grocery store. Those are the donuts of my youth! Nearly every Sunday from the time I was three until I was 17 I had a Hy-Vee donut on Sunday (at church).  That kind of thing gets habit forming, so it’s been hell having to make do with Crispy Cream or, worse, Wal-Mart’s donuts.

And the half point gets knocked off because this new Hy-Vee has Anderson Erickson chip dip! However, I don;t see any eggnog. Maybe it’s too early, but I don’t think so. However, since the A&E cut off line is up north at Knob Noster, I’m not complaining.

They also have a very large cheese section. Yes, I am a cheese lover and have finally won hubby over to the dark side of specialty cheeses. We went a bit mad and so I’ve spent the week nibbling on cheese. I am starting to feel a bit like a mouse.

I’ve also figured out how to blast Lauri Ylonen out of my head. His music that is, not him. He wasn’t hanging out in miniature up there, which is a shame coz if he was I could have sold tickets and made a fortune. Anyway, I blasted it loose with the only thing in the world that is catchier – Gin Blossoms. So now they are driving me bananas instead, but at least I know most of the lyrics to them.

Yep, this blog is pretty pointless. Oh well. It’s also nearly ten AM and I am still awake, so I am ending this here and going to bed. Hopefully get some blogs set up tomorrow. I still need to do Oren’s interview for my Amaranthine blog so it can post tomorrow (Sunday).

Happy Halloween, all!

song playing at the moment – “Found Out About You” – Gin Blossoms

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