Photos – Abandoned


So, I picked. It’s Bedlren and Zuri. A bit of overkill, but I think it will help with a later plot point. And now for the second photo blog I promised.

There’s a funny story behind this. Let’s just say we didn’t have much time in this particular venue because a report came over the scanner of suspicious people. *cough* ‘Nuff said.

broken window

Broken Window

window color

through the window

old wood

old wood

bloody sink

No, that’s not real. It’s actually dirt, but I used color replacer.

come inside




through the window sepia

missing pane

tree shadows

tree shadows

broken window night


And that’s it. I have a ton more photos (these are from September still!) But it’s a matter of having time to edit and upload.

song playing at the moment – Morticians Daughter – Black Veil Brides

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6 responses to “Photos – Abandoned”

  1. Sue says :

    you take the most interesting photos – would love to go on photo shoot with you

  2. moonvapors says :

    @##$%$^$ dAMN COMPUTERS!!! I left a comment and it didn’t take it. I said you’re lucky a grisly axe murderer didn’t get you.

  3. Juli Hoffman says :

    He! He!! I haven’t been on a police scanner yet when I’ve gone out to take pictures. That’s too funny!

    The color replacer feature is an interesting idea. I’d have NEVER thought to do that! It looks like a bloody sink. COOL!!!!

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      We used to be on police scanners a lot, though not for photographing 😉 LOL!!

      I’ve done that before with mud tracks on floors and such. It’s desperation for good bloody photos that leads to it!

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