Photo(s) of the Day – Round 4

I’ve been taking a photo a day since December 9th and uploading it to facebook – then I ran into a cool blog where they take a photo a day and post the photos in a weekly blog. So I thought, hey, I should steal that idea (before they pass a law to make that illegal too!).

until I catch up I am going to give you a glut of posts 😉

These photos were taken with my cell phone, using the Retro Camera app.

More tomorrow 🙂

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6 responses to “Photo(s) of the Day – Round 4”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    Yeah, better get these up before posting pics of your adult beverages becomes illegal! Shoot! This bill is so stupid. I believe they were originally supposed to vote on it today. I wrote emails to my congress people and senators, and got two responses back. Of course they were lengthy, form letter responses, not surprised considering how much mail they must get, but I was still happy that SOMEONE had to click SOMETHING to send them.

    Congressman Thaddeus G. McCotter’s email had this to say, “As a staunch supporter of preserving an open Internet, I agree with you.” Yay!

    While Senator Carl Levin’s email was a LOT vague for my liking, “I am concerned about the current version of the bill. I have been meeting with people on all sides of the issue and hearing from many constituents. After scheduling a vote on to the PROTECT IP Act, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced on January 20th that Senate consideration of the bill would be postponed, citing legitimate concerns that had been raised about the bill. I think this was the right course of action given the large number of issues that have been raised. Senator Reid encouraged Senator Leahy to work with the various stakeholders to resolve their concerns with the PROTECT IP Act. I will review the revised version carefully when it is available.”

    Ah well! I know that 90+% of the population didn’t say anything, so perhaps my voice was heard louder than I think. Who knows?

    Cool spider by the way! 😉 Take care, and I hope you feel better soon!

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Ha! you did better than me! I got an answer from ONE of ours… let me go find it…

      well doesn’t it figure I can’t? Anyway, he said he was voting for it because we were losing “too many American jobs”. See if you can guess who I am NOT voting for next election? Heck the white house’s form letter was better than his!

      • Joleene Naylor says :

        McCaskill. She’s the one who said she was voting for it because too many Americans were losing their jobs because of piracy. Blunt’s people sent a letter today to say he would not vote for it in it’s current form because it had the potential to take away free speech.

        • Juli Hoffman says :

          Don’t they get it? It’s “We the People” who decide who should and should NOT be in office! They’re supposed to be voting in a way that best represents the beliefs of their state, not their own personal beliefs.

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