Self Photo Challenge

I got this from Ang’s blog (again! 😉 ).

There is a challenge on The Paper Mama to post a photo of yourself, and answers to the questions below, then link to her blog. Since I JUST took a photo of myself for the photo of the day I thought “why not?”

Obsessing over…

All the work I have to get done before I disappear on Feb 6th – 22nd. There is no way I can finish it all AND update my website. Total stress.

Working on…

Scanning a book for an author – get this. I got to page 122 and the scanner caused an error, program froze and LOST all those pages, so I have to start over. AHHHHH!!!

Thinking about…

how I need to stop stressing out and calm down. Worst thing that happens is someone gets mad and takes their business elsewhere. Yeah, that would make me sad, but it won’t mean the world will end. it’s not worth getting sick over. Oh, and also thinking that maybe I need some psyche drugs 😉


my two week break. Yeah, this is all themed. See? I told you Ii was obsessing :p I am also anticipating going to see The Woman in Black this weekend, getting book 4 published, writing book 5 and teaching my brother to do book covers. He is going to be my young apprentice starting in March. Once I get him going at it, I can cut my workload down. YAY!!

Listening to…

Wicked Game by HIM. He hits notes in that song that release endorphins that… well, let’s just say it’s a stress reliever 😉


Going to have a salami, bologna, swiss & american cheese sandwich for dinner. Right now I’m drinking some Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, though, Yummy!


That I had something more interesting to write. Everyone else’s answers to these had so much more variety. Mine are all boring crap about working. Bleh. This is why I don’t blog as much as I used to! I have nothing interesting to share! Okay, no, it’s a lack of time. But the lack of time is why I have nothing interesting to share! :p

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5 responses to “Self Photo Challenge”

  1. Angie says :

    Gah, I know how you feel about stressing, Jo!!! And you know what, I never say drugs are the answer… but… but… Psyhce drugs ARE. I take Xanax and it’s amazing. When I’m feeling stressed, or my OCD is going rapid, I take one and sweet destressing begins!

    Also, I wanna see Woman in Black SO bad! Looks amazing!!!

  2. sharonstogner says :

    have a great break!! Only one more day 🙂 glad your brother is going to start helping you with the book covers.

  3. Juli Hoffman says :

    Woman in Black looks interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing it myself! 🙂

    Having your brother’s help, sounds like an excellent idea!

    Every year, we have a new theme at work, complete with its own buzz words. This year’s theme is “loose ends,” as in: “If we want to get everything to run the way that it should, we need to take care of the ‘loose ends’ first.” GAH! I’ve soon discovered that my whole life must be nothing BUT loose ends!!! Unfinished projects have run a muck, both at home and at work. It’s soooo frustrating! Ah well! It doesn’t mean that this loose ends theory isn’t true, it just means that I’ve had to rethink how I do things…almost as rough as “Juli learning new technology.” LOL

    Let me know if you need a Beta reader, or just someone to bounce ideas off of. I read the sample of book 4 you posted on your “revamped” 101 book. I liked it! I can already see that this is going to be a bloody good time!!! Pun intended! LOL

    I hope you’re able to enjoy your break. Looking forward to your return in…March-ish? Good luck to you in all that you do. I’m sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. canarybird80 says :

    Sounds like you’re well overdue for a break. I understand how it is to feel stressed and pressured about time. However when I feel that way, I give up on something, at least for awhile. Which is why I’ve been missing. I haven’t had the energy to even reply to anything. I’ve been around (for the most part), I’ve just been silent lol. And I didn’t feel like logging in to even just click the like button. How’s that for lazy lol!!

    So, I hope you enjoy your break. You deserve it!! Mom went to see the Woman in Black this weekend and said it was really good. It has me intrigued but I’ll wait until it comes out on video.

    You know, only you find yourself not interesting. If you weren’t interesting and didn’t have interesting things to share, why do us people keep coming back? lol 😉

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