Okay, so I am getting back to posting the worthwhile stuff I have accumulated over the years….

(from July 2008)

This was written for the CPCC weekly collab share:

Soaked in sweat, startled awake from my dream,
In the cold morning light, nothing‘s as dark as it seems.
The land was purple and golden, cool light hypnotize,
turquoise in water, a lightning bolt pierced the sky.
I stand on the zenith beneath the star’s shower of dust,
arms opened, eyes closed in a portrait of lust.
With memories, I paint your beauty on the backs of my eyes,
while your voice slips away, echoing through my mind.
I wander through fields, alone in time, lost.
Seeking you, needing you, I’ll pay blood as my cost.
Then I see you approach, as from heavens serene,
But there’s fear in your eyes, like a cold, frozen scream
I try to reach for you, but you’re flying away
As night turns to dawn and dawn turns to day.
You cry, “Circle back, before I hit the ground.”
And I catch you, holding tight, not making a sound.
But you slip through my hands, as the moonlight past the sun.
You flee into the mist, all my hope is undone.
Wracked in despair, this is where I will lay me down,
without a word or a whisper, no stone and no mound.
It’s just one dream consistent, day after day;
repeating, reoccurring, endless cycles of pain.
I must conquer this fear, this nightmare of mine,
The circle is broad, but I’ll pass beyond it this time.
Soaked in sweat, startled awake from my dream,
in the cold morning light, nothing is as dark as it seems…

(Some lines are from: Cheryl, Debra, Colleen B, Off2Troy, Lady Seda, Lanie, Tyler, Linda, Miranda, Raiden, BlackSunchine, joshibear, Michelle, Winetr’s Chuld & juliet)

As a bonus, The poetry nest has a Bermuda Triangle shindig happening and here’s what I dropped off there….

eyes of onyx stare
infusing fear into my soul
taking away hope

I blink back in confusion
attempting to comprehend
trying to understand

the boat sinks below me
slipping underneath the waves
disappearing to the bottom

aliens move around me
restraining me for the journey
ignoring my fear

The Bermuda triangle grows smaller
shrinking in the view screen
disappearing as we leave

the spaceship flies away
leaving behind the earth
taking me to unknown places

Song playing at the moment – Lacuna Coil – Kill the Light

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2 responses to “Collab”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    I like these lines:

    “eyes of onyx stare
    infusing fear into my soul”

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