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Poetry: My Entries for the Day Dreamer Contest

(Sept 2008)

The first three actually WON (I know, amazing!) Alas the last three did not….

The contest was set up in categories and the poems were inspired by pictures which I don’t own, so….


Three, mourning
Winter, Autumn, Spring,
Summer missing
Now they are
Are they now
Missing Summer,
Spring, Autumn, Winter
Mourning, three


The Moon
Sings for me
Her Lullaby
Sweetly silver blue
Takes away my sadness
And reminds me that I am
Never really on my own
But simply one in a universe
Ever flowing with possibilities.


Wither have you been and from whence did you come?
In the dead of night to appear, scratching at my window
So opportunely and so loudly with your tales of another place.
Did you think of me while you were gone or remember that I waited
Only looking to the sky in hopes to see my only friend return?
My dearest one, i know you did not, and neither do I blame you.

Only wish that I, still in my youth, could join your flights of fancy
Free upon a summer breeze down canyons whose names

Are not yet recorded in the many tongues of man and so you
Go again, and yet I do not mind because as I have grown
Ever do i see that to love something is to set it free.


Bright, hot
Flickering, shimmering, glowing
Burning, fleeting, eternal, freezing
Biting, screaming, encompassing
thick, compassionless



Youthful dreams
On pages golden
Memories in the making

Tri Ukiah


In my hand, so fragile frail,
and yet I hold you
enchanted by such pure light

A love lost in the dark night
though entwined are souls
whose hearts echo the same words

regardless of kith or kin
Kindred spirits now
Eternally connected

Song of the moment – The Night – Disturbed

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