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Artwork: Alone – 2 versions

(sept 2008)


I couldn’t decide from the start what I wanted for the background – originally I had intended just some pretty red with the word “alone” above her in BIG letters, then I thought of the symbol thing (blame the Prophecy movies for that)– I actually looked up angelic symbols online btw and from there downloaded the enochian alphabet font and then made the symbol out of the letters ARFL by combining plopping them all over one another.  I liked it, anyway. But without her in front of it, it looks silly at that tilted angle, so I ended up redoing the symbol on its own today – I rotated it and then used various shapes and layers to reproduce it and clean up the edges and such like I did my Alchemist brushes some time ago. Ah, I’ll tack that on here too :p

The background on this is actually a layer of black splotched around, then I used the smudge tool with one of the default brushes and drug it all over and then used a gradient on a layer beneath it – and that’s what I got. Wild, huh?

alone cool back big

So, anyway, all the while I was working on that, I was toying with the next background in my head but it seemed very labor intensive (all told it was probably eight plus hours for the background on the brick one, not counting symbol creation, the first one was probably two counting the symbol) but I think it was worth it.

Alone in the Rain

Though I have like 8 plus layers of rain halos because I’d save it,  close it, set it as wallpaper (only way to get a really decent look at it for me) and then find something else that should have a halo and had none. I have three layers that have the words “last rain halo” in them, though by the very last one there’s obscenities mixed in :p

So, symbol on its own… because I felt like it I added a corona behind it – used the dark matter preset and changed the colors 😀

arafel symbol fire big – This is where I got the alphabet from – in the Angelo section. Warning – this site is flash and graphics intensive! I doubt my laptop would handle it. But, if you have the hardware the man who owns it is an artist, a photographer and a historian from Cyprus so it has a lot on it.  Those alphabets I mention – to get them go here– there is an Angelic Script and an enochian script both on this webpage. The enoch script works out to actual letter equivalents so you could feasibly write things in it. The Angelic is like the elvish where it’s sounds instead of letters that equal our alphabet.  There is a table on the site that’s an image, so if you want to write things with the angelic I suggest saving that to your hard drive as well – the enochian is okay without the table as the keys correspond correctly.

Of you want the alphabets/angelology section but can’t load all the flash here’s a cheat link that bypasses the frames and flash: Angelology 

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