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Superpoke Pets is gone but Habi Makeover Lives On!

I was browsing through blog stats the other day and saw that the posts I did on the demise of my favorite online game, Superpoke Pets, are still some of the most popular. But those posts only tell half the story. Thanks to Neil and his amazing Habi Makeover project, not only so we still have our pets, but we can decorate with them and, with the newest update, we can post the habitats on our profile and go play with friends’ pets just like the old days of SPP (there’s a constantly updated list on the homepage of who has changed their habitats). And he’s still working on improving it. Coming up will be user created items (you can already get an arcade background as well as several solid color habitats that are new), pet salon options, the ability to size things larger/smaller than before and more.

The coolest part is you don’t even have to have ANY of your files from superpoke pets to join. Everything you need – the items, and the programs (habi makeover and spplite) are available on the community site, so you can download, install and start decorating.  And if you’re confused there is a very awesome Habi Makeover wikia that has 99% of the answers!

Oh, and it’s free. There is an option for premium membership for 5$ a month that allows you to decorate your profile, access the files section (which is very handy if you’re still trying to get the thousands of items) and will let you upload your habitat to your profile (right now it is free to everyone, but it will go premium later). Yes, I admit, I pay for the premium membership because I love my little pets  plus I think Neil needs some kind of compensation for all his hard work. Having seen this grow from nothing, it is amazing how much he has done!

Now that my recruitment speech is over, I’m going to share my HMO habitats 🙂

Yes, I used the fun gallery function.

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