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Old Photos: Flatbridge and Such

(Sept 2008)

I thought about skipping these, but there are some good ones, soooo…..

We went on a photo trip to Flat Bridge (so named because it is a slab of cement over the river) and Sunset Bridge (urban legend says is named this because of the “beautiful” sunsets – which are completely blocked by a large hill so I dunno). Not many pics of bridges or sunsets, but I did get some interesting things anyway.

minnow 2.jpg


crawdad 2.jpg


dragonfly good.jpg

Blue dragonfly (still the best shot I have of one of these)

in the sand.jpg

In the sand

tiny butterfly.jpg

Tiny butterfly

purple fluffy and a butterfly.jpg

butterfly on a thistle


collapsing (this house is now torn down)

come on in.jpg

same place. there’s a few more pics here –

Now we’re at Sunset


reflection – entered this in a contest once and lost :p

poor pauly.jpg


a graffiti argument.jpg

no idea who he is but he must have been controversial.


from the bridge

spider excellent.jpg

for you spider lovers out there :p

Song of the moment – Burger Queen – Placebo

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