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Old Photos: Creepy-ish

(Nov 2008)

Just some Halloween-y inspired photos out of season πŸ™‚

happy ghost 1.jpg

Happy ghost will suck your blood



mirror and candelabra.jpg


black roses and blood in the fog.jpg

black roses, blood and a fog machine – fun fun!


Monster (this is actually my mom moving around and then some after effects added to “oldify” the image

lazer lights in the fog 3.jpg

laser lights in fog


I am ghostly… and also younger :p

ghostly 3.jpg

Hubby is diabolically delicious πŸ™‚

ghostly good.jpg

me again πŸ™‚

ghost of a penguin.jpg

The ghost of penguins past – ahahahahahahahahaha!

Fav Song of the moment – Something’s Always Wrong – Toad the Wet Sprocket

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