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90’s Music OR How We Are Becoming Our Parents

Music guitar

Music guitar (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

(nov 2008)

We (as in hubby and I) are listening to the 90’s station on Sirius radio – Lithium I think it is. It’s all 90’s music and nothing else… kinda makes me feel like those old people who listened to the 60’s music channels when I was a kid. You know what I’m talking about. They listened to the all 60’s station and you’d cringe when you had to ride with them or be seen with them – maybe they were your parents or your relatives or even your neighbor. Regardless, they were there and they were jamming out to “We Wear Short-Shorts” while you tried to crawl under the seat.

As a kid, I could never understand why they listened to that stuff when it was OLD and there was so much NEW music to listen to.  Why were they purposefully putting in cassette tapes of The Beetles when there were so many bands out that had “modern” unembarrassing stuff? It was like they didn’t realize how OLD this stuff was! How could they be blissfully unaware that their music of choice was well over ten years old!?!?!?!?! Had they missed the last ten years!?!?

Yeah, well, I have a new sympathy for them. I am now in that place – and yeah, I kind of missed the last ten years myself. Sure, I don’t normally listen to just music from one decade and I do enjoy a lot of new stuff and try to constantly expand my musical horizons, but I forget that a lot of the “good stuff” is getting to the point where it will be old enough to graduate from high school soon.  Most of my core, basic cannot-live-without albums are all from 1994-96. How sad is that?

This was thrown into focus for me after our Halloween party. Michael was hanging around still, and he’s like 21. So, we were flipping through the pc folders on the playstation 3, playing random music, and we landed on a Pearl Jam song. I commented about how I was like 15 when it came out and he innocently said, “Oh, I remember this! I was like 8!” EIGHT!?!?!?! And here I am thinking that my Marilyn Manson Anti-Christ Superstar album is still “cool”…

But it happens. When you’re in school, each year is a long, drawn out experience that is completely different from the one before it or after it. Once you get settled into the same old house year after year and same old jobs and same old faces it all runs together like watercolors, doesn’t it? And then it doesn’t help that radio stations – hell even TV commercials – still play the same old 90’s music on an everyday basis until you don’t even realize how much time has passed by and you’re suddenly one of those weird old people who are still touting a long gone era…

It’s scary stuff, that’s what it is!

Tell me I’m not alone here in my geezer-dom. Even if you have to lie.

Song playing at the moment – “Polly” – Nirvana

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