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Testing this with a cat


Valentines Pics from my Phone

So let’s try some more random pics in a gallery. These are Valentiney and all taken with my phone – about the only photography I’ve done recently, but that’s better than nothing so I can;t complain, especially as I have some cool apps including One Man with Camera, Retro Camera and Pudding Camera. Oh, and Pic Art.

Wasn’t that fun? The galleries are kind of cool, I have to admit. And it might be faster than hand coding. I’m not sure. It may be an illusion because I’m doing everything in bulk instead of one at a time…

maybe tomorrow I will do Christmas if I remember and have time.

signaturesong driving me nuts at the moment- Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

PS – I have started a new book review blog atยย . I’m just copying over my Amazon reviews for now mainly.

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