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Nathaniel Greene Park

Yesterday I finally braved the outside world *gasp* and hubby and I went to the Nathaniel Greene Park in Springfield for an hour or so. Of course I forgot my big camera, so all I had was the cellphone. But as they say, the best camera is the camera you have. We also magically avoided a nasty storm – it hit Bolivar while we were in Springfield and we left Springfield before it got bad there and drove through only a tiny strip of rain on the way home. Pretty well done if I do say so myself. Go Hubby and his Ham/weather friends.

Speaking of ham radio, I am studying for the test for reasons that are long and convoluted and mainly involving making the hubby happy. Though I have put my foot down and will only get a license if I can pick my own call sign because I don’t want any with a U or another stupid letter.  P, for instance, which is “papa” when you say it phonetically. Call me shallow but I don’t want to use the word papa to identify myself.

Okay, enough yack. Here’s some photos.

I tried a different layout this time. What do you think?

There’s more on my flickr as usual.


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