Archive | April 23, 2013

More from Ozark…

And here are some more photos to bore entertain you. These are from our January trip down to Ozark, Missouri (not really much of a trip, but it was a change, anyway.) We were looking for an angel statue rumored to be there – only it wasn’t. Or if it is, then we didn’t find it and no one we asked for directions knew where it was, either. Anyway, we did get some very cool shots of other stuff!


I have more photos to share and since I have some time I may set some more blogs up – my email is down, which presents a MAJOR problem as all of my “to do” is in there… from author stuff to book cover stuff to everything else. I’m a bit lost without it, to tell you the truth, so I guess I will work on photos and hope it comes back. Though hopefully by the time you read this my mail will be back.

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