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Valley Water Mill Lake Watershed – May 2013

I don’t remember what was going on… there was some reason we could only go to the park for a couple of hours because we had to be somewhere afterwards… I dunno. I remember it was hot – hotter than it has been lately. This has been a lovely, cool August so far and I hope it stays that way.

Anyway, more photo fun.

I may schedule another post for tomorrow. we’ll see.


A Handful of Random Iowa Photos

I thought I’d already shared these, but I guess not. They’re from our very short trip to Iowa that we took in May – we drove up and back in one day (13 hours total drive time) to visit Hubby’s grandma.  There are a couple of extras, one from the ducky pond and one I finally got uploaded from 2012 – yeah, I am slowly working through the backlog.

Wasn’t that exciting? I am going to schedule this and maybe set up a couple more if I have time. Hubby is going to work on my website re-do over the weekend (which is probably past by now, if I have calculated correctly) so I probably won’t be on since he’ll have my laptop.

PS – seriously, if anyone knows what that bird is, or that weird cloud anomaly, I am all ears 😉


Fourth of July – a month late

Yes, I know it’s August, but I am that behind. Actually I am worse off than that because I still have photos from 2012 that need edited and uploaded. *sigh* Never enough time.

Meanwhile. enjoy yet another photo gallery of images. These include the yummy fried chicken we had ( the coating is made from nacho Doritos chips, flour, parsley and Lawrey’s seasoning salt) and mint chip ice cream, which, though we used our ice cream maker, came from a bag. we’re going to attempt real home made ice cream one of these days. Maybe this weekend.

As for the fireworks i was quite pleased with the images. I may be a “professional” fireworks photographer some day – ha ha! Seriously though, how fun would that be? I love fireworks.

There are more firework photos on my flickr – – though you’ll have to dig around all the book covers.

Back to work for me. have a good one, all!


June in Pictures

I’ve been gone two months and come back with a chintzy photo post. Yeah, life’s like that sometimes.

We’re pretty much moved in, have net, have had the computer virus cleaned up and the laptop fixed, so now it’s just a matter of catching up and seeing to details.

Wasn’t that fun? I have some fourth of July pics to share and then I need to take the rest off of the camera – including the biggest toadstool I have ever seen!

Have fun, all!


What’s the Worse That Could Happen

I know I usually don;t “reblog” but this is an awesome post worth sharing!

DM Yates Journalings

I have a motto that I try to live by:

Believe in yourself and dream above the clouds. I do and I believe in you.

It’s not easy to believe in yourself or to follow your dreams. Fear often stops us in our tracks. Family members who don’t support us can cause us to not believe in ourselves.

Bill Cosby once said: In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

But how do we achieve that success? How many of you watch NCIS? If there’s one thing I learned from Gibbs, it’s to listen to your gut.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  (Mark Twain)

Dreams get nowhere unless we put them into action.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.  (William Shakespeare)

Failure, sadly, is part of that ladder to our success. Failure…

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