The Pina Colada Song

Hello, hello. Missed another day, ha ha! See what I mean about the daily commitment? Went to the doc, got my hair dyed, blah, blah, boring. Plotted some about fixing people up, which might be an interesting topic, but I am sworn to secrecy, so instead I am rambling.

The stupid Pina Colada song is in my head at the moment because I got some of the Pina Colada soda stream mix – which is pretty good by the way. If you have somewhere been under a rock since 1970-whatever, here are the lyrics – .

I used to listen to a soft rock station as a kid (weird, I know) which played a lot of 70s’ music, including this one. I hate to be a downer, or a spoil sport, but I never found the premise – that both he and his “lady” were going behind one another’s backs to find someone to cheat with/leave the other for – cute or funny. I mean, seriously? They’re obviously living together, and she advertises in the paper looking for a new guy and he – self confessed as being “tired of his lady” – answers the add. In the end I don’t think either one has a right to point any fingers because they’re both in the wrong, but to me rather than being a cutsey thing that proves they are together for a reason (they answered one another’s adds to cheat, awwwww) I find it a bit disgusting. Just break up and move on if you’re that bored, or grow up and try to save the relationship.

Am I reading too much into what’s meant to be a cutesy song? Probably. But that’s what happens when you listen to this stuff as an analytical eight year old. Then again, I could give a rant about Lips of an Angel, but maybe I’ll save that for another day.

wpid-signature.pngSo those are my random thoughts for the day. Now I have to get to work.

Listening to – Deep Blue Something – Home (the whole album!)


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