More Habi Makeover Fun

I shared some of Clucky’s great habitats the other day, so I thought it was only fair to share my other pet, Quickness the turtle.

If you don’t know what Habi Makeover is, it is a fun program that allows us to use the old Superpoke Pets Lite files to create and decorate new habitats. It’s the only online game I participate in, though right now we don’t get points or coins or anything for playing with one another’s pets like we did on the old SPP website, instead the fun is just in the decorating, and that’s fine with me, because that was the part I enjoyed. Well, decorating and looking at other people’s habitats. And with the new beta version it is easier than ever to decorate said habitats.

Okay, enough of a recruitment speech. Here are Quickness’ habitats. Though he is mostly a boy, he has, on occasion, had to be a girl. It’s good for him.


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