Pokemon & Google

I spent two hours last night messing around with the google maps Pokemon challenge. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about:

Okay, that video was great, but just how do you play? Ideally you look in random places and BOOM find some pokemon:

pokemon 4

then click on your little pokemon friend to find who he is. If you want to catch him, click the blue pokeball:

pokeon 5

and a pop up confirms that you got him.

pokemon 6

You can check your poekdex to see who you’re missing and how many you’ve collected so far.


When you catch all 150 a “secret” pokemon named Mew shows up in a random location. Even better, he moves around, so though you may have checked somewhere, the next time you go back he might be there. I found him the third time I checked a certain spot:


And once you have all 151 your pokedex looks like this:


For the sake of full disclosure, I will say I had some help, mainly a website that listed possible locations for all the pokemon, but I still had to search the locations and let me tell you sometimes trying it type in those foreign place names was harder work than anything I’ve done lately. I tend to superimpose letters around and/or not see letters and this causes a problem when you’re doing a search.

All in all it was a fun waste of time and well executed on google’s part. It’s still going right now – I don’t know when it ends – so if you have a smart phone and google maps see how many pokemon you can catch. You can find all the info here, including a link to the wikia I used. As for Mew locations I just did google searches and tried them all over and over and over until he finally showed up.



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