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Guest post by Joleene Naylor

Guest post by Joleene Naylor.


Hello! My name is Joleene Naylor. You might know me as the author of the Amarathine vampire series. Amy was kind enough to ask me to write a post on Sjogren’s syndrome – an autoimmune disease (meaning a person’s own immune system attacks their own body) that affects 4 million people in the US. As a Sjogren’s sufferer, it should be an easy post to write. But it isn’t.

Read more on Amy’s blog!

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Peel Mansion – Blogophilia 15.7


It’s time again for Blogophilia! What is Blogophilia? It’s the fun blog group where Marvin gives participants prompts to use in their weekly posting. This week’s prompts are:

  • Blogophilia Week 15.7 Topic: Fire and Ice
  • (Hard, 2 points) Incorporate the opposite meaning of “equanimity”
  • (Easy, 1 point)  Include Dark Demons 

I had hoped to have another vampire short story ready, but it’s not happening, despite the awesome prompts. This has been one of those weeks where i feel like I’ve been through fire and ice – there’s been some major disaster every day. I wish I could say I greet them in a state of equanimity, but I don’t. There’s been much shouting, crying and teeth gnashing. Okay, maybe not teeth gnashing because I’m getting low on those (only one more trip to the dentist and then they’re all gone and we start the process of plates) but it sounded cool.

Speaking of processes, we’re still in the process of fighting the dark demons for our house. Or it feels that way. Our agents aren’t too bad, but the listing agents are something else all together – we have dealt with them before when we last looked at houses and we forwent them this time because we were very unimpressed. Well, since they’re the listing agents they’re still involved, and I am still not impressed. We have the abstract report from the lawyer, saying the title is clear and all that, we’ve done the inspection, we’ve signed heaps and heaps of paperwork, and we still don’t have a closing date. Hell, they may not have accepted the offer yet for all I know. Our Realtor can’t get any information out of them, and we finally even tried calling ourselves – and we got through (unlike our realtor who they won’t even talk to most of the time) but once they found out who we were they snappily said “I’ll look up the paperwork and call your agent” and then hung up on us. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s too much to want to know when the closing date is on the damn house, or if they are even accepting our ****ing offer or not. For all we know they’re selling it to someone else and all of this is a waste of time and money.

Now that I have vented here are some photos from hubby and I’s trip to Arkansas. Well, not the whole trip, just the Peel Mansion gardens. The mansion itself was closed for a wedding (which was fine because we barely had time to make it to Pea Ridge and through it), but the gardens were open, so we did a quick walk through. (if you click the pics you get a pop up slide show you can click through where they’re bigger)


If anyone knows what that pink flowering bush is I’d appreciate the name of it. It smelled SO good – I want one!

And as usual there are lots more photos in my flickr.  Have a good one.

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Sunset at Stockton Lake

I take lots of photos but don’t always get around to uploading them at the time of – mainly because I like to do a lot of post processing in Paint Shop Pro, which is time consuming.

I’m supposed to be writing right now – chapter seven of Clash of Legends – but I’m taking  ‘think break’, so what better use of my time than to torture you with – than to share some photos.

We took these at a branch of Stockton Lake back in April i think it was. I could look, but I’m lazy.


Fun, huh? there are some good ones in there and, as always, there’s bunches more on my Flickr.

wpid-signature.pngHave a good one

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Sassy Sue

DSCN1684sueI’m not very good at memorial posts. I didn’t do one for my father-in-law last year nor one for my mother-in-law because I didn’t know what to say, and I still don’t. At least, not that would make a compelling blog post. But, when I feel down about them – when I see an antique car or some clever little craft idea and I think of them, I can turn to my husband, or my sister-in-law or even my brother or mother and say “Awwwww.” And they share my grief. Because of that, I guess there’s not really a need to pour it out to an unseen audience because there are warm bodies right here to share it.

Not so with Sue.

Sue was an “online friend”, so called because as a society we like to label people and keep them in boxes like “work friend” or “facebook friend”, but in truth Sue was more than that. We met on MySpace, I can’t remember if it was through Blogophilia or if she joined Blogophilia afterwards. I believe it was  a vampire poem that started us talking – one she’d written – but we found we had a lot in common. We were both writers, we both loved taking photos, we were both married to exasperating men (I mean this in a good way), and our chats moved from MySpace to email. In fact when I went to look through my emails from her (all neatly saved under my “Sue” label) to find a photo for this blog, gmail’s results were “1-20 of many”.


As of Friday, May 30th, those many emails will never be added to. I will never get another random photo of Canadian snow, or a tomato (this was a joke because I said with red hair and my round, pink face I looked like a tomato). I will never get another college paper or short story to beta read, just as she will never beta read for me again. No more funny observations about teachers, neighbors or husbands. No more words of encouragement or random comments to make me laugh just when I need it.

I could go on but it’s all selfish. Grief is selfish. We are sad not for them, but for ourselves because WE feel the loss. WE don’t get to have them in our lives anymore. And though Sue was an “online friend” I will miss her as though she was a REAL friend – because that’s what she was.




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