Photos: Macro Fun

Happy Fourth! Hopefully I am going to wander up town later tonight and watch the Bolivar fireworks for the last time. They do a good show usually, though it hasn’t been as much fun since they switched to automatic stuff and got rid of the drunk old guy with the punks. But that’s progress for you. I imagine next year we’ll be somewhere in Iowa for them…

Specific, I know. The trouble is that though I grew up in the area, we were in Page county and went to Shenandoah for everything. Now we’ll be in Montgomery county and be 45 minutes from Shen, so we’ll be in a different area as far as shopping and movies and fireworks and, well, really anything. I have no idea where anything is over there. In fact until we started the house debacle I had only been to Villisca four times that I can remember – once as a cheerleader for basket ball in ’95, once we stopped at Casey’s late-ish at night (maybe ’96?), then in ’97 we took stopped at Casey’s again on our way to the chicken farm (taking a girl out there to see her boyfriend) and got rear ended by a kid too young to drive (funny story) and a couple years ago we went to tour the axe murder house and did a quick turn through the cemetery. Fascinating stuff, huh? The point of this drivel is to say that it’s going to be a whole new experience and I don;t know if I’m looking forward to it or not. New experiences and I… well, we have a tenuous relationship sometimes.

But the house is cool. Or at least I can say that now as I have yet to spend four weeks stripping wallpaper, painting ceilings, dry walling, cleaning, and building up a floor. Ask me in August and my opinion may change.

On to the photos.Hubby got me an awesome light tent and macro accessories for Christmas, but we promptly lost the light bulbs, so after buying a new set, we had some fun. I had a bunch of pics of violets and a lot more of the snail shells, but they have disappeared. 😦

That crystal is one of those grow your own things from hobby lobby – it was one of hubby’s Christmas stocking stuffers.

Okay, gonna schedule this and head off. Have a good one. wpid-signature.png



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