Photos: Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park – Springfield MO

How’s that for a specific title? yeah, so I googled it and copied the official name. Fancy, huh?

If all had gone according to plan I would be heading to Villisca, or in Villisca, as you read this (unless you read it before noon in which case I am sleeping). But thanks to the inspection electric/gas debacle I’m not. What am I talking about? We bought the house. We paid for the house. We took possession of the house. Then we tried to get gas/water/electric switched on on Thursday. But no. Oh no. You can’t do that because it must first be inspected – AGAIN – to prove – AGAIN – that the electric and gas is all hunky dory – AGAIN – despite the fact that this was done during the due diligence period. because our inspector did not give us these handy little cards swearing some oath on pain of dismemberment that everything was fine. Meaning we have to hire inspectors – AGAIN – to have those inspected. The electric company has someone they prefer (*cough*) but the gas company? They have no idea because they’re in CEDAR RAPIDS! Yes, we had that same gas company when we lived in Mt. Pleasant! Talk about nuts! And with it being the Fourth of July weekend, well, no one is going to do anything until Monday. Isn’t that jolly?

So far I am not fond of Villisca.

Anyway, photos. Spring was late this year and so though I thought we’d be too late for most of the flowers we were too early – nothing but Hyacinths and daffodils. I still managed to take a ton of photos though because I’m good like that.

As always there are more on flickr.

have a good one and enjoy your beds! wpid-signature.png


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