Photos: Flowers

I said yesterday that it would be the last scheduled blog, but I lied. I am waiting for Mum to finish her emails so we can get back to Sherlock and since I have time I might as well finish up the last of the flickr photos – meaning I am now all caught up. Yay! No, not caught up with uploading them, but with blogging them. I’ll never be done uploading. I still have 80% of 2012 to get through some day, which is gonna suck because there’s a bunch of the in-laws when we went on a trip that January and since they’ve both passed on now…anyway, onward.

As this posts I should be in Iowa, and as you read it I will probably be safely ensconced in the new house. Oh no, not moved in by any means. Instead I will be staring at what is sure to be weeks’ worth of cleaning and painting. I doubt we can get it all done in a month but I am damned well going to give it a try. Depending on what time you read this I might even be doing some of said cleaning or else helping install bathroom flooring – we got a good deal on some remnant rolls from Lowe’s and so thought “what the heck” between youtube and how-to pages we can surely manage rolled linoleum. Other people do. Turns out, though, that we’ll need to replace the upstairs’ bathroom floor too. It’s going to have to wait a bit, as is the kitchen floor. The next floor in line is the laundry room/utility porch, but it has it’s own set of challenges as it needs built up and such. I’m sure we can do it. My grandmother could have done it, and if she could, I could, genetically speaking.

Anyway, photos. Just random flowers from May. Enjoy.

And that’s it for now. Have a good one.wpid-signature.png


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