Day 2 in Villisca

This is late because my phone died last night. I’m sure my two readers understand. 😉
Day two wasn’t as exciting as day one. No cops were called and, no, the fire department didn’t come either.
With the dining room relegated to later we have changed or game plan to trying to finish the downstairs bathroom, the kitchen ( which only requires paint and cleaning) and the laundry room by the end of the month. We’ll then spend August packing, move a lot of it into storage and only move necessities here then move the stuff up from storage in shifts as we finish things. It’s going to take at least two uhaul trucks and there is no way we have time to pack all that, load two trucks and unload two trucks in a single month while hubby is still working. We used one truck to move down to Missouri and it took five days to pack, drive, and unpack by itself (yes we went over the the day rental) and no one had a job then so…
We got quite a bit done in the bathroom. First I popped the sheet tiles off the wall. It’s funny because in ’91 when my parents redid the house in Coin we got sheet tile for the bathroom. The store had two colors: pink and blue. We picked pink. The people who owned this house picked blue:

Pretty, but won't go with our palm trees.

Pretty, but won’t go with our palm trees.

The walls under it are a characteristic mess but not crumbling, so we just need to get the paint/wallpaper/old adhesive off of it and the ceiling and then wash it with some tsp stuff (or so says several how-to articles) and then do some minor repair work and we’re good to paint. Though we do need to put in a tiny piece of drywall:

The back of the tub

The back of the tub

I tell you, I feel like my parents renovated this place. I love them, but they were not DIYers either.
We eventually got the toilet and sink cabinet out –


-( had to pull it to get all of the tile because it was glued and marked to the wall behind it) only to find that the pipes under the sink has turned into the consistency of tin foil. But there’s no hot water shut off valve for the sink, and the cold was in such bad shape it broke, so we had to turn the water of to the whole place. It was after six at this point, so nothing local was open. Meaning we of course drove the 45 minutes to Shen but their Wal-Mart doesn’t have crap, so hubby and the brother are in Red Oak right now looking at the hardware store.
The electric is also still off. The electrician has started the paperwork but we’re waiting to hear any more. Still don’t have anyone to do a gas inspection because they’re all “too busy”. I’ve never in my adult life seen people like the ones around here. No one seems interested in making money. It’s like when we tried to get house insurance and all the local companies just said “we’re too busy to open a new policy right now.” How can you be to busy to open a new policy??? No wonder this area has gone downhill so badly.
I told hubby a lot of it is because everyone knows that you don’t have a choice. If you want a plumber, for instance, there is a very finite number, so you’ll work around their schedule because there’s no one else; no competition. It makes me miss Bolivar and Springfield. You didn’t catch business owners in Springfield who were too busy to take your money.
I imagine this is long enough, not to mention it’s tiring typing on the phone. I’d planned to have power and my laptop by now and do some beta trading in my spare time but not happening slappy. Maybe next week. *sigh*
On a side note, while I don’t think the house is haunted, I have to say it gets creepy between 3am and sunup. Our at least it does laying down. As soon as I sat up I was fine, but the minute I laid down I had the creeps again. Possibly an overactive imagination, or else it is a creepiness from the crawl space seeping through the front room floor. Because while the basement is not creepy, something is a little off in the crawl space.
Ok. I’m outta here. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂

Bonus photo of smore cupcakes at Clarinda Hy-Vee

Bonus photo of smore cupcakes at Clarinda Hy-Vee

And a watermelon cake

And a watermelon cake


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