Day 3 in Villisca

Late again but at least I’m alive. We actually got up early yesterday so we got quite a bit done. After a running to Red Oak for those sink valves:



Lunch came via the cafe in town- T & J’s I think it is.



Yes that is a burger with an onion ring, bacon, BBQ sauce and cheese. Yum.
From there it was more work. The laundry room/utility porch is just a built in porch and they didn’t even bother to take the siding of the wall.



So we had to pull it off so we can drywall it.


We tried to save the stuff, but it just splintered apart so now we have a stack to burn.


While hubby did that I was a bit ADD. I finally took the padlock and hasp off the front door:


Then I worked on the hedge a bit.


Then what is either a rose bush or gooseberry bush.


Not as impressive without the before picture, but the thing was huge and growing everywhere.
While I’m on the subject of plants, there are a lot of awesome ones here. This flower is by the deck.


We also put a new bottom in the bathroom cabinet and cleaned it to get it ready for preparing and painting.


We need to CLR the sink and then sand it. We’re painting it white, so it won’t be an amazing transformation but that’s okay.
We also had a conversation with a lady from down the street whose very nice (Chris had talked to her before). She was shocked about the cops mess and also warned us that there a lot of drugs in town, but there always are in small towns. The nearest movie theater is 45, minutes away so what else do people have to do? She knew the people who used to live here and said they had a small dog, which we suspected from the hates on the deck. She also confirmed what the cops and electric company said – the house has dart empty for a year and a half to two years. Not what the seller’s Realtors said ( they claimed six months or in other words the winterizing dates), but what ever. Something else that’s fun is the clean up sheet the cleaning company left checking of the things they did. I’ll have to photo it for a laugh because they checked off things they didn’t do by any stretch of the imagination.
Speaking of Realtors, they finally collected their sign yesterday. I had moved it to the garage already. They were also looking for their lock, but it was already gone by the time I got here (which is why I thought it odd they left their sign!) But he said they didn’t take it, so I don’t know. Hopefully they figure it out.
Not much else of interest. It was hot last night so hard to sleep again. Hubby and I got up at three or so and sat on the deck which helped a little, then finally went for a drive. We passed the tiniest skunk – who did not spray us, but walled away in a hurry- and took a short driving tour of Stanton. (I think it’s like 14 mules away or something) they have a nice park with a long, long walking path and a MASSIVE church. I need to take the real camera there and get some pics.
Speaking of hot, as in the temperature is hot without air-conditioning, I assume the electric guy will come Monday so we can get power next week. Meanwhile we have two plumbers who may come check the gas lines next week. Though we’ve been discussing not turning it on now until we officially move in September. I dunno.
Oh I guess I have a moon picture I can also in here. We went to dad’s last night to shower and snapped this on the way home. Not great, but it’s a cell phone camera.


And now I end this with a slice of Casey’s pizza


Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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One response to “Day 3 in Villisca”

  1. moonvapors says :

    God the pizza looks good. I’ve been eating veggies, fruit and veggie burgers, plus a cookie every day. All the chocolate chips are gone and I am now eating your things in the tin can. 😛

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