Day 4 in Villisca

Yesterday was not as productive as it could have been because it was boiling hot. Hubby and the brother did shopping while I posted yesterday’s blog and had some tropical 7up. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t stellar either. The can is kind of cool though.

An interesting soda

An interesting soda

Lunch was the first order of business. Remember all that trimming I’ve been doing? Well we used some of the trimmed bits to roast hot dogs.


And what goes better with that than watermelon?


That’s when dad showed up with the lawn mower. One of those cheap push kind. Since hubby and the brother had some drywalling to attempt, that left me to try my hand at mowing. I know to most people this is a part of life, but the last time I lived in a place that needed mowing was 1996 and my dad and brother used a rider (hint: I was 16). But I didn’t do too bad.


From there I trimmed the Rose bush

wpid-wp-1405276308329And aggravated a butterfly.

wpid-wp-1405277644471 wpid-wp-1405277659223





Of course it ran away before I could get the real camera.
Speaking of wildlife, the squirrels are still hanging around.


Squirrel says “Feed me!”

I think they’re hinting for some food. But before we could get squirrel food we had a more ominous project.


Yes, it’s that drywalling I mentioned. I don’t want to say that hubby and the brother are out of practice, but it took all afternoon and that was just to cut and hang it. We learned a few lessons, like neither of them can cut straight lines ( I already knew I couldn’t) and hubby sucks at mudding. However I seem to have the temperament for it.


Of course it needs sanded then reapplied, then sanded, then done a third time, then sanded again, but it’s a start at least.
We them went to Walmart in Atlantic to check it out and buy paint and – hallelujah! – it’s a REAL super Walmart, as in it had stuff! It had the outlet boxes hubby was looking for and a whole aisle of candles and… Anyway let’s just say we found civilization at last. And squirrel food.
Drove home chasing a storm, saw 11 dear, and got some good cloud shots and that about covers it.

wpid-wp-1405278302079 wpid-wp-1405278325325


And with that I’ll end this as my phone is dying. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Day 4 in Villisca”

  1. moonvapors says :

    Question is did you catch the storm? If you did, pack it up and send it down. It was cloudy this morning (okay 2pm) and I was hopeful but it cleared off. Nice pictures and glad you’re having fun 😛

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