Day 5 in Villisca

It’s Sunday. How exciting. We didn’t do much today. First I put some squirrel food out for our fuzzy friends, though I did not see if they ate any of it.

The feeder came with the tree

The feeder came with the tree

Then we ran to Red Oak and did some shopping at True Value, Hy-Vee and Kmart. I was impressed at True Value, not only did the employee know where everything on my shipping list was (including the mysterious TSP for cleaning walls) but he knew what everything was and offered advice and such. I guess I’m so used to Walmart and the like where the people just work there but don’t know anything about what they’re selling.
The hy-vee is also interesting as it is better than Clarinda’s – bigger meat counter and such – but at the same time more old school – they still have the old finding carts, the bathrooms are in the back, and after you checkout an employee takes the groceries to your car. I’d forgotten that they used to do that. I did get a couple of interesting things there.

He looks the way I feel

He looks the way I feel

And a magnet:

No words necessary.

No words necessary.

Like we need more.
Kmart was Kmart, but there were some fun things there. For instance:

These are watering cans. Who'd have guessed.

These are watering cans. Who’d have guessed.


Wind chimes

Wind chimes

Then we came back. I mentioned Stanton’s giant church steeple the other day, well here it is from the highway.


After we got home, hubby left to go back to Missouri so the brother and I waited for it to cool down some then cleaned and organized this place. When I say cleaned I mean swept the debris from the carpets and such. Right. Still no power.

Sleeping Japanese style

Sleeping Japanese style

The dinning room. That slanted door won't open- it's locked and we don't have a key but we will get one.

The dinning room. That slanted door won’t open- it’s locked and we don’t have a key but we will get one.

It won't stay yellow forever

It won’t stay yellow forever

It's a straight shot.

It’s a straight shot.

From my "bed"

From my “bed”

We also got some rain today.





And with that I am out of pictures and interesting things to say. The brother is reading and I am doing this because it’s dark out. Fun times.
Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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