Day 7 in Villisca

The gas man cometh.



The gas man giveth:
He chops down some of the bushes (yay!) And puts in a new gas meter. He goes to the basement. He lights the pilot lights and….
The gas man taketh away:
the dreams of hot water die when the water heater won’t stay lit.
A call to the plumber later (I imagine we’re racking up quite a bill) and he comes round at two while the brother and the father run to Red Oak to re-buy those supplies and do some other things. They return with lunch:



By the time we finish eating, the plumber is done. It seems the water heater burner was full of water. But the water tank is not leaking. He’s baffled. Then the brother admits that when the water was first turned on – before I was here – they ran around the house shutting everything off ( apparently part of winterizing is turning on all the valves) but they forgot the outside spigot. Five hours and a flooded basement later that noticed. They cleaned up their mess but apparently did not think about the flooded water heater. Anyway it now works and a huge bill is coming our way.

It's hot!!!

It’s hot!!!

We then watched the squirrels a bit:



And then went back to Red Oak to get the wood they forgot. The Do It Yourself store had a notable item:

Pig made from propane tank

Pig made from propane tank

Red Oak also has a lot of cool buildings like so:

see? very cool

see? very cool

By the time we got back I had a fever so laid down and didn’t get anything done. Eventually we cleaned the ceiling out of the bathtub ( from where we scraped it) and then I took a shower which worked miracles.



Sadly by then it was too dark to see much (still waiting on electric) so we glued the wood into the picture frames:

Can you guess what we're doing?

Can you guess what we’re doing?

And called it a night. Hopefully today will be more productive.
And in that light, have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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