Day 8 in Villisca

I have now been here over a well and still no power. The electric guy was supposed to come Monday, then Wednesday, now maybe Thursday. Ugh.
Despite not having power we got a lot done. There was the last later of drywall mud, followed by masking off the kitchen in preparation for scraping the ceiling – we learned from our mistakes in the bathroom – a mess we are still cleaning up. Or more truthfully ignoring.



We even removed the kitchen ceiling fan, which was a challenge because though we googled it, ours has some extra bits. Luckily there are disassembly directions included. INSIDE it!



That just amused me. Another amusing thing was lunch. See how neatly we taped off those cupboards? Guess where lunch was? That’s right, so the brother had to pop down to the grocery store, where he found jello cake.



It was pretty good, actually.
So after lunch the brother started the ceiling – which is turning out to be twenty times harder than the bathroom was because they painted over the popcorn several times so the water is not soaking in and making it soggy. Meaning he is more chipping it off than anything



I worked on the bathroom cabinet – speaking of which, here is the answer to the picture frame question:



Now imagine the whole thing painted white. Gonna look snazzy.
And I finally found something to eat through the mess on the bathroom wall. TSP.



It still had to be scraped the hole-pokey tool (I’ve forgotten the name of it) is leaving tiny dents in the plaster but at least it’s getting the lumpy layers of mess off. No wonder these people just nailed up paneling over it all.
We had another nice surprise. The lady across the street, Susie, brought us a plate of cookies!



She is really nice, which makes one feel better to know there is someone they could borrow a cup of flour off of or whatever. The only trouble is I have never had friendly neighbors in my life. Well, when I was a kid we had nice neighbors but not the cookie sharing kind, and I have no idea what the etiquette is. I know that you make them all cookies or what not at Christmas, but past that…
Speaking of suburban experiences, we had to put our trash on the curb. I felt kind of red neck because everyone else had neat bins except us:



And you notice they have ONE bin each. Just one. What do they do with the rest of the trash??? You can’t burn it here, and I have yet to find a recycling place. How can they just go through one tiny little bin in a week? Are we just trashy people? ( as in too much trash Lol!)
Also, in case someone knowledgeable stumbles across this, does anyone know what this plant is:

mystery plant

mystery plant

And now I must finish my donut stick and get to work. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Day 8 in Villisca”

  1. moonvapors says :

    we could decoupage something on the cabinet doors. I’m jealous all the goodies and I’m f***ing starving here.

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