Day 9 in Villisca

I’m not going to lie, yesterday is a blur. I’m sure something interesting happened but I can’t think what. Chris conquered the ceiling:





We made the mistake of peeling a tiny piece off the kitchen wall which now leads to scraping two whole walls:



We ate green jello cake


It’s lime

And the yellow roses are in full bloom



Exciting huh?
We’re going to have to skim coat the bathroom so that’s going to be an adventure. The bathtub seems odd so we may need to try to fix that – there’s no support under it, just two boards running across the middle so it’s like a seesaw. And we thought the bathroom would be easy.
Blah. Tired today. Tired of dust and popcorn ceilings. Tired of scraping. Blah blah blah. I probably have interesting stories – like chris smacking me in the head with the ladder or his trying to hammer up the squirrel feeder after we accidentally pulled it off the tree, but I am also tired of typing on this phone, so I’m ending here.
Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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