day 10 in Villisca

We didn’t do anything yesterday except go to Red Oak, then Shen, then Red Oak then the cafe. Oh and I wrote a little on my book. Long hand. I did get some cool cloud photos though.




Yeah. The phone did weird things to the car antenna.


And there’s a piece of Red Oak architecture worth sharing.


I think it wins for ugliest bank.
Since I have nothing to report I thought I’d mention an odd phenomenon. The house isn’t really spooky… Not really. Not even without electricity. Until 2A.M. at which point I wake up every night with the sensation that “something” woke me, and from them until about 4:30 when the birds start tweeting every little sound is terrifying. At first I thought it was unfamiliar house syndrome, but it’s getting worse every night rather than better, and in fact last night I saw a shadow move across the window in the laundry room door (the door goes between the laundry room and the dining room) and woke the brother up. He skulked around, but couldn’t find anything, so went back to sleep while I lay awake obsessively staring at the door until I got bored and finally turned to reading a Don Camillo book until 4:20. Am I positive I saw a shadow? Pretty damn sure, but just like everything that happens in the middle of the night, the next day in the sunlight you’re not sure and you tell yourself it was your imagination.
It may be of note that the laundry room also has the door to the basement in it, a door we have previously left wide open. I’m not a basement hater by nature, nor are all basements creepy and this one didn’t seem like it was, except that one crawl space, but maybe it gets creepy at 2am and something slinks up out of it. Or maybe someone was murdered in the back of the house between 2 am and 4 am and so they only come back then. Or maybe the place is a dead battery, having set empty for two years, and our being here is recharging it and between 2am and 4am is when the atmosphere is most conducive (after all, ghosts are just electricity) and as the thing gets stronger it will be around more. Or maybe there’s some totally rational explanation. But if so I don’t know what it is.
So there’s my ghost-y-ness for the night. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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5 responses to “day 10 in Villisca”

  1. moonvapors says :

    and I thank you since I will be sleeping alone downstairs.

  2. Steve Evans says :

    Jo do you have one of these?

  3. Steve Evans says :

    Well I don’t know says it doesn’t exist…it’s a think called a bugalot you can watch some videos the one with the hula dancer is the one I saw.

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