Day 13 in Villisca

I know I skipped a couple of days, but I had nothing to say. For every step forward it feels like we’re taking one back. All we had left to do on the bathroom was plaster holes and skim coat and – surprise – the bathtub needs yanked and the plumbing redone because the people who did it screwed it up.



It’s a long sordid tale but suffice to say this has to wait until hubby is here because the brother and I can’t do that by ourselves so we’re even further behind now. We have started on the ceiling though.

Just a first coat and need to do edging work

Just a first coat and need to do edging work

The laundry room has been “ready to paint” for days –

This is not paint, just where we washed. Ewwww.

This is not paint, just where we washed. Ewwww.

– but then we find something else – holes in the ceiling that need filled, woodwork that needs puttied etc.etc. But I think tomorrow after we sand we can finally get on with it.
We did get the new mailbox up, so that’s something.



Blah blah.
The electrician is supposed to come tomorrow but don’t hold your breath. I’m not.
In the name of eating we have been bouncing back and firth between the grocery store’s lunch counter and the cafe and I have to say in some instances Villisca Foods wins. Like the tenderloins.


tenderloin. yum

We did go to the cafe Sunday for lunch but it wasn’t as good as it had been, though it looked okay.



They have a habit of undercooking potatoes which I am getting used to. In fact we’re heading there for dinner shortly as it’s too hot today to do much. It’s going to be even hotter tomorrow so may sit with my feet up ( my ankles are puffy and need to drain anyway – it’s a med i’m on), and do some writing. I dunno. We’ll see.
Oh, I did get the cupboard doors painted with a couple of coats:

Looking good

Looking good

So at least one thing in the bathroom is working out. Knock wood.
I know I should not get discouraged – I kind of spazzed on FB last night and called the previous owners complete morons. They weren’t complete morons, just not very good diy-ers. Or at least not good at doing it right. And it just gets tiresome after awhile. But chin up, it is what it is and ask that pap.
I’m back. We went to the aforementioned cafe and it was better tonight.

Bbq bacon cheeseburger

Bbq bacon cheeseburger

I also tried the flavor burst ice cream.




Which was fun. But I have to say this place is so small town it feels forced. We were waited on by the cook’s grandson, who looked all of 16 and is playing football this year, if you wanna know, while the senior citizen club player skip bo at the back tables and farmers discussed tractor and cows. We left to find unaccompanied children playing football in the village square (okay, it’s the park, but that sounded cooler) , returned the waves of the couple sitting on a bench in front of the vets’ place, and drove the three blocks home (we’re lazy today) past the idyllic churches and the local drug store and the tiny medical clinic and the home owner hair parlor, until we reached our own little peeling paint house where kids on bicycles sailed past, chattering in the summer evening, and the distant sound of late summer fire crackers popped. I feel like I’m in a movie set. I’m considering checking the place for cameras, lest we end up ala The Truman Show.
Anyway, posting this and gonna play cards with the brother. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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