Day 16 in Villisca

Yesterday was a good day. We started by a trip to city Hall for info on what to do with all this yard waste. Turns out there’s a free site just outside of town so add that yep to the to do list. While we were there one of the the always-closed antique stores was open, so we popped in. It had the same generally uncomfortable air they all have and had some good stuff. Including the perfect kitchen table to match my chairs.



But at 350$ is going to keep looking perfect in their shop Lol! Also just because they were cute: cows.



After that jaunt, Mel (my best friend from high school) and her daughters came for a visit. As my brother says we now officially live here as we have had compost come who is not related Lol! And she bright an awesome house warming gift!



I think my Scooby doo keys from Sherry will look awesome on that keyring!

These came in the mail a couple weeks ago.

These came in the mail a couple weeks ago.

Her children are surprising workaholics and kept shouting “let’s work!”. They did an awesome job helping with the laundry room.

Harlie painting

Harlie painting

Poor Jen got covered in paint and we learned that Mel is a taping ninja. She seriously did a beautiful taping job, though a side note on the tape. We bought the blue stuff that is supposed to be like frog tape. I don’t know if it worked as good as frog tape, but I do know it didn’t work for crap and not only did it tear some of the paint off the wall today but it also leaked paint under the edges. Oh well. Some repair work with a tiny brush will fix it.

Looking good until the tape comes off Lol

Looking good until the tape comes off Lol

We got Casey’s pizza for lunch but someone, somewhere decided we didn’t need any crust.



I’m not sure the picture captures the paper thin quality but you could see through it.
After they left I did a bit of trimming on the rise bush but it’s not done. I hate to cut branches with flowers on them but the whole thing was dead except one little spot. So I saved the flowers at least.



Also the red rose is blooming



This marked night number two with electricity. Woot! Though I have to day that mini fridge is friggin noisy. Since we can we had microwave food, but for the price – $3.59 for mine – we could have gotten cafe food



And it wasn’t even very good.
Anyway. Have to go have lunch now and get on with it. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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