Day 17 in Villisca

I was going to do this last night but mom was chatty and hubby called and we were trying to watch anime (a series called Place to Place that reminds me of Seinfeld in so much as there is no overarching storyline). In fact we were late to bed (1:30 a.m.).
Yesterday was mostly horrible. I love my family but sometimes… My brother was on one and everything I said he blew up, until it culminated in a screaming blow up where he kicked over a can of soda and a plate of cookies and various other things. He cleaned it up, but by then my good mood was ruined. At that point the electrician came back looking for hubby – who is in Missouri still and will be for another week – and when we told him that he said no biggie, he’d draw up a bill and send it and just have hubby call him sometime.
So stupidly I called hubby and passed that along. Hubby panics, calls the guy immediately and tells him that we’ll give him the 600$ ( which is actually a really good deal considering we had three men for four hours here plus travel time – it’s a shame this guy is retiring because he’d be my go to electrician for life) that night if he stopped by, which is awesome except we only have 600$ and need food for the week as well as more tape (it took two rolls to mask that room) and stuff like that. So when I panic hubby of course blows up and shouts that we’ve wasted all the money because we bought sandwiches. But when a can of spaghetti-os is 2$ and a sandwich is 2.29$ which would he go for?
Long story short he hung up on me and dad, who was already making a run to Walmart, loaned us 50$ to buy some necessities with. And then, the real kicker?
The electric guy never came for his money.
I don’t blame him for not wanting to drive here to get paid. I wouldn’t. I’d say “send me a check”. I still blame hysterical hubby. I love him, and we’ve made up, but a spade is a spade, Lol!
Anyway, we got nothing done – well I got nothing done. The brother got the kitchen ceiling repaired while I was with dad.



I took a few random photos

I want this!! It's Toad from Mario Kart - this is who i always play

I want this!! It’s Toad from Mario Kart – this is who i always play


Between Atlantic and Red Oak. No idea.

Between Atlantic and Red Oak. No idea.

Just cool clouds

Just cool clouds

The free gift with my pads - a tampon holder. Say what? Lol!

The free gift with my pads – a tampon holder. Say what? Lol!

When we got back dad took us to Casey’s for ice cream, I think to make up for not taking the brother to McDonald’s (since he wasn’t with us then)



And then we started the debacle of trying to make the central air work. I know, most people think it’s easy, but I’ve never had to start a unit from nothing. We got the thermostat put together (hubby took it down to strip wallpaper) but nothing happened. So I texted hubby who said ” the batteries are dead.” What? What batteries? It’s wired into the wall! Doesn’t that power it? But apparently not. So two batteries later the thermostat works but nothing else will come on. We google. We run up and down the stairs, look at the unit outside, open panels on the furnace because even the blower is not on, check fuses and breakers and then, as I’m downloading pdf owners manuals, the brother looks up and notices a random light switch stuck to a beam next to the furnace. Since we’re still learning what all the switches do, he reached to, gives it a flick and – roar- the air-conditioning springs to life! So crisis averted.
Of course by then it had cooled off enough we didn’t need the air anymore, but we used it anyway.

It lights up!

It lights up!

We also found the secret to the outside lights. They come on with the laundry room light. Including one aimed at our neighbors that is as bright as daylight.



I did not use flash


So something needs done about splitting those lights up to different switches before the neighbors hate us.
And then we watched anime etc. Etc. Not very productive but at least it’s over. And now I need to get something done today.
Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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  1. moonvapors says :

    i got nothing done yesterday and today isn’t too hopeful

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