Day 18 in Villisca

Today was better than yesterday, so that’s good, Lol! In regard to my earlier post for yesterday, I will give hubby one point on his tirade and that is that the cost of living is very different here than Bolivar and those two dollar meals here are under a dollar down there, so if we were in Bolivar he’d be right and eating out would be a waste.
Now that that’s settled, on to today. First thing we did was put up our house warming solar light. We had to use the box to collect broken glass the other day so I couldn’t find the directions. However the stake was easy enough to assemble. Then I noticed the battery was floating around inside the lantern.


So I did what anyone would do: carefully unscrewed the bottom of the lantern, popped out the silver plastic and put it back together. Then we discovered that the top just pops off. Surprise. Lol!
But it looks great next to gnomey.

Gnomey is looking cool

Gnomey is looking cool

On the front porch was our mail! Including my paparazzi shipment! I am addicted to this stuff! It’s only 5$ each, so it doesn’t break the bank and I buy then at FB parties so it’s fun too. Anyway party of the fun is they all come wrapped so it’s kind of like Christmas.



The four stacked bracelets are kiddie sized but I already have one each so I am going to restring them to make them big enough for me. Sadly they are sooooo close as it is, but just a little too small so they’re uncomfortable. But once I’m finished they’ll be perfect.

After that it was lunch on a budget.



Then on to painting the trim and doors in the laundry room.


You can see the great job the tape did *sarcasm*

You can see the great job the tape did *sarcasm*

We need to do a second coat and touch up still but it’s better. We also need to address the laundry room closet but that’s for another day.
I then got some yard work done. There was a casualty, one I had actually thought about keeping in this mad bird house infested place.


I trimmed on the pink rosebush some more. Still not done but almost.




Then I cut some of the tree mess out of the flower bed.



I realize without a before picture it’s not as dramatic but all that empty place was full of baby trees. It’s sad to cut them down but they need to go for the sake of flowers. And I love flowers. It still makes me a little sad. Just as bad is cutting the green parts off the roses but sometimes it needs to go for the sake of the plant. I just remind myself of that. Oddly enough I have been enjoying my “gardening” which is odd as I have never enjoyed it before in my life. I imagine the novelty will wear off once it’s no longer a matter of doing things that make a big difference like they do now. I guess we’ll see.

After I cut that out I discovered some lovely large rocks.




Another fun thing is our driveway. I think it’s near to see little remnants of the people who were here before.



Now that we have power we realized it was time to vacuum. We have my dad’s wet/dry vac but it had no attachment so we tried to make our own.




It even kind of worked.



And with that the kitchen is making very creepy sounds so looks like it’s going to be a night to scare ourselves. Fun. Fun.

Have a good one,
Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Day 18 in Villisca”

  1. moonvapors says :

    Yes the red bracelet is the one I wanted. Love the rings especially the purple one. Glad the kitchen creeps the two of you out. can’t wait till i’m sleeping alone next to it. He still hasn’t paid me. I hate new paypal.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      The purple ring is the reason I went to the party Lol! Glad that’s the right bracelet. We can share. Oh it’s not that bad… I think it might have been the air-conditioning… I hate the new paypal too.

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