Day 21 in Villisca – lots of photos

When we got up we found these lovelies on our porch:

Cucumbers from heaven?

Cucumbers from heaven?

No idea who left them, but we had one for lunch and it was delicious.


We got more of the bathroom primered:






and we touched up the laundry room using plain masking tape this time. It did just as bad a job as the blue tape – meaning might as well save your pennies and get the cheap stuff.

raggy edges. Bah!

raggy edges. Bah!

I swore I bought a roll of frog tape to try, but I can’t find it. if I did and do, I’ll let you know how that stuff works.

and speaking of painting the closet is done.


just needs shelves now

After that, the fumes were so bad we took our dinner and went to the local park. That Harris Harmonies trails I mentioned a week or so ago?



There’s a whole complex there, including the walking path and some gorgeous flowers!


The elementary school is also there, and so there is an awesome play area

That s also very sturdily built, by the way, as it did not collapse, cave in, or fall apart when we ran around on it. Yay!

We then drove through the cemetery:

before coming home. Of interest at the house is this truck which has been parked on the street next to us for days:

No idea whose it is, or why it’s here, but oh well.

And with that I have to go get back to work, took a quick break to send the covers off (all four were approved – yay!). Time to help primer the bathroom (we have one wall left to do) or else start work on the kitchen pantry. I left the choice up to the brother.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

PS – hubby has been doing some packing and look what he sent me:

Poor Piggy!

Poor Piggy!

PPS – my phone went weird last night and this is what it kept popping up:



PPPS – here are the four covers I mentioned, and now I am really ending this photo extravaganza


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